Are you monitoring your Data Centres/Server Rooms?

If not, why not? Watch this video and see how easy it is to know everything that is going on in your Data Centre/Server Room, all of the time!

We hope you enjoy this video from Ecl-ips Monitoring Solutions to introduce Data Centre Expert.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software is an End to End solution enabling monitoring and alerting of your critical IT assets.  The system can monitor and control power, cooling, security and energy usage from the building, through to IT systems.

With real-time monitoring and centralised management of APC, this is a must to provide your IT department with eyes and ears everywhere.

With a high proportion of outages caused by human error the addition of a CCTV camera in each distributed IT environment will assist in restoring uptime.

Scheduled reporting can provide an interesting insight of the environment that your IT equipment is in, whether on a local site or a remote site.

Monitoring of third party devices is possible via SNMP or Modbus communications.  These devices can also integrate into the alerting and reporting mechanism of Data Centre Expert.  Integrations carried to date include building management systems, UPS systems and cooling systems.

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