Smart Zone Solutions from Panduit

SmartZone™ Solutions integrate the power, environmental, security, and connectivity monitoring hardware that is deployed in the data centre and across the entire facility, with the infrastructure management software to enable development of comprehensive energy and physical infrastructure efficiency programs.

This allows you to use real-time monitoring information, as well as tailored historical data collection and management reporting, to make informed decisions based on accurate data to maintain and improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and increase the resilience of the facility.

Data centre and IT leaders are being challenged on many fronts – from power efficiency and capacity planning, to remote management, and end-to-end service level agreements. The struggle is to deliver additional IT performance while managing both IT and facilities operational costs.

Meet these challenges head on with Panduit SmartZone™ Software that collects, filters, and processes real-time data to provide visibility across your entire infrastructure. The software suite addresses power and energy usage, capacity constraints, environmental issues (temperature, humidity, and carbon footprint), asset tracking, connectivity, remote management, and security to provide the tools and information needed to make intelligent decisions for both data centre and enterprise operations.

By deploying SmartZone™ Hardware across the entire facility in conjunction with the fully integrated infrastructure management software, you are able to:

  • Report on all real-time monitoring information required for regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Collect tailored historical, accurate and actionable data to make informed decisions on how best to maintain and improve energy efficiency
  • Increase the resilience of the facility
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metrics

The SmartZone™ Software suite includes the following enterprise-class Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software platforms:

  • DCIQ™ Software for real-time monitoring and alerting of power, environmental information, and security
  • PIM™ Software for real-time visibility of connectivity and asset tracking, allocation, and utilisation information

This software harnesses information from across all enterprise and data centre infrastructure areas and provides visibility into key operational metrics – power, cooling, space, connectivity, and asset tracking – which is critical to making effective business decisions.

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