Can Analogue and IP Cameras work together?

Do you need to replace all your old analogue cameras or can an IP CCTV system co-exist?

New technology advances have allowed IP cameras to move ahead and surpass their analogue counterparts. To keep costs down, many people still opt for analogue cameras, despite the lack of clear images and unreliability. You might think that IP cameras come at a higher cost but it is important to consider the total cost of the system, and not only the cameras.

Whether, you’re thinking about replacing the analogue system over a few years or just want to expand the current system by using higher quality IP cameras. Save money and get the best solution by combining both systems.

St Dominic’s Sixth Form College did just that. They needed to install new cameras, and a recording and playback system but didn’t want to discard the existing analogue CCTV cameras. The solution was to install new internal and external Mobotix cameras and use a Wavestore Rock hybrid recorder to integrate both analogue and IP systems. This integration saved the college thousands of pounds by avoiding premature analogue camera replacement. Read the full St Dominic’s case study.

There is no need to replace your entire analogue system, as Ecl-ips can create a solution that can combine an IP system, so that they co-exist. If this is just what your business needs or you’d like to know more get in touch.