Ecl-ips becomes first Access Control and CCTV Specialist to Add RF Code Wire-Free Monitoring and Asset Management

Integration to provide hybrid solutions that integrate door access control and decentralised CCTV into a unified energy, environmental and asset monitoring network

RF Code has announced Ecl-ips as its first certified partner to integrate CCTV with RF Code technology. This announcement follows the February launch of the RF Code Program, with Ecl-ips becoming the latest partner to enhance its portfolio of environmentaland security threat management with RF Code.

“We have looked at adding RFID based capability to our portfolio for several years but we felt now was the right time to take the plunge with a technology that is mature and able to integrate across our stack,” explains Aaron Kernaghan, Managing Director of Ecl-ips. “We already have a strong energy, environmental and CCTV monitoring offering and the addition of RF Code allows us to create unique systems to solve challenging real-world problems around the protection of high value items.”

Ecl-ips has completed technical training and already developing integration between RF Code and other vendor systems such as Mobotix CCTV, APC, Amenities, NetBotz and Axxess intelligent access control systems. The open nature of the RF code technology and the technical expertise offered by Ecl-ips in areas like video surveillance and access control will allow the firm to design new solutions.

“We are already working on technology that restricts door access or alerts operators of CCTV systems if a tagged item or person moves past a certain point or enters a restricted area,” comments Kernaghan. “These applications are at an early stage, but the ability to add value to traditional security process through the use of RF technology is an exciting area that we are exploring.”

Kernaghan believes that using RF Code technology can help customers better manage and protect assets in areas like healthcare, education and hospitality.

Ecl-ips is part of a growing community of fully trained and certified partners in the UK, “We welcome firms like Ecl-ips who are aiming to push the boundaries of RFID technology by integrating it alongside other innovative products to create high value and unique solutions,” explains Adrian Barker, European Sales Director for RF Code, “CCTV and access control integration is a new area and we believe that early pioneers will be able to carve out new markets across both private and public sector.”

RF Code is used in all manner of projects from tracking high-value portable equipment likes notebooks, medical equipment and even containers within warehousing applications all the way through to servers within racks. The RF Code solution leverages active RFID technology, active hardware and software that can also integrate with environmental data collection systems to help with capacity planning, security and energy management processes.…