Are you monitoring your business heartbeat?

How do you keep your server/comms room running smoothly?

Inforgraphic: Why is Environment, Power and Security Management are so importantInforgraphic: Why is Environment, Power and Security Management are so important

Your server room is your heartbeat, if this isn’t running smoothly and efficiently your business could suffer, data could be compromised and you will have IT downtime at some point.

Just like keeping yourselves healthy you need to look after your server/comms room, so how do you do that?

Many IT managers recount stories of unexpected downtime events that occurred in their server/comms rooms. When these stories have been analysed, a common theme emerges: lack of information. This lack of information leads to human error which causes the downtime. Stress levels are high because operators and administrators have no real-time data at their disposal and therefore, cannot prevent the human error from occurring.

Take a look at this simple infographic it will show you Why Environment, Power & Security Management is so important!!!

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