APC Netbotz Rack Monitor 250: an affordable appliance

Take a look at this introduction to the APC Netbotz Rack Monitor 250

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Hi my name is Steve from Ecl-ips and I’d like to introduce the APC Netbotz 250. The APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 (NBRK0250) is an affordable appliance for environmental monitoring and control within IT rooms.

A NetBotz 250 protects your computing equipment from physical threats such as high temperature, humidity, water damage and also both malicious and unintentional access events.

This device supports NetBotz wireless sensors, the NetBotz 250 is a rapidly deployable device to add to your environmental monitoring solution.

The rack mountable form factor means that the NetBotz 250 can be mounted in a rack alongside your other IT equipment or zero-U mounted in the rear of a cabinet.

The appliance has 6 on-board sensor ports for NetBotz wired sensors, including temperature, temp/humidity, smoke and spot fluid sensors as well as third party sensors via a dry contact cable. Additional ports include a beacon, voltage output, relay output and Modbus connections for monitoring over Modbus RTU or TCP.

Thresholds, alerts and notifications are configured via the web UI or via StruxureWare Data Center Expert. The Data Center Expert integration is especially valuable when you need to manage multiple NetBotz appliances in bulk. For environments that do not require surveillance the NetBotz 250 is the most affordable solution to protect IT equipment from physical threats.

Integrates with almost any other APC & NetBotz devices (Rack monitor 250 isn’t compatible with camera pods)

Compatible with wireless sensors which reduces the need for unnecessary cabling.

Integrates with APC Rack Access Control Solution.

Provides real time notifications, so if something is wrong with your NetBotz rack monitor network, you can be notified straight away as to be able to quickly resolve the problem.

Compatible with StruxureWare Data Center Expert – StruxureWare Data Center Expert is a software / hardware solution that enables you to view information about any of your devices

Data Center Expert also distributes alerts, alarms and notifications thus enabling you to view and protect your physical data centre infrastructure

What’s in the box?

Included with the NetBotz 250 Rack Monitor is:

  • wireless sensor starter kit
  • including a Zigbee wireless network co-ordinator wireless temperature sensor
  • wireless temperature sensor
  • a wired temp/humidity sensor

This means that the NetBotz 250 is a great starter kit to help you protect your IT environment within minutes.

If you would like further information please visit our website www.ecl-ips.com