APC Power Distribution Units

The growing complexity of IT environments, from wiring closets and server rooms to data centres of all sizes, has increased the need for reliable power distribution to the rack level.

Eliminating power management issues is essential for IT and Facilities Managers to maintain system availability of increasing higher density equipment. Power Distribution Units are an essential element in managing power capacity and functionality for critical network, server and data centre equipment.

APC provides a wide array of power distribution solutions for your IT environment. APCs standardised PDUs are designed to increase the manageability and efficiency of your data centre. Power Distribution solutions provide real-time remote load monitoring of connected equipment and individual outlet power control for remote power recycling, manage power-up or power-down sequencing of equipment. IT and Data Centre Managers rely on APC PDU alarms to warn of potential power overloads before critical IT failures occur.

Rack Power Distribition Units are available in the following categories:

  • Metered by Outlet
  • Metered
  • Switched
  • Basic

Row Power Distribution Units are available in the following categories:

  • Modular
  • Configurable

In addition to this we also offer Rack Mount Transfer Switches.

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