Enclosure & Rack Systems

Trends like virtualisation, consolidation, convergence and blade server adoption are forcing different types of equipment to share the same space. Today’s high-density devices generate tremendous amounts of heat. Rapidly changing business conditions require the IT environment to adapt and adjust faster than ever, and the imperative of uninterrupted uptime now has the corollary demand of efficiency.

Whether it’s a network closet, a server room, or a data centre of any size, IT operations rely on racks and enclosures for support, organisation, and management of the rack-mount equipment. Servers, storage, switches, routers, power distribution units, console port servers, KVM switches — today’s racks and enclosures are expected to support a greater number and greater variety of applications and devices.

APC NetShelter SV

The APC NetShelter SV range of cabinets are universal IT enclosures with essential features and functionality to meet the fundamental requirements and applications of rack-mount IT equipment in variety of IT environments. The cabinets maintain a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, and cable management to provide a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment but with optional features such as side panels, casters, and rear cable channel that reduces the cost of the base enclosure.
Rack Selection Guide for NetShelter SV

APC NetShelter SX

The NetShelter SX is a multi-functional rack enclosure influenced by customer feedback from around the world. These enclosures are designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcast and audio-video. With a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the NetShelter SX rack enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment.
Rack Selection Guide for NetShelter SX

APC Netshelter CX Server Room in a Box

NetShelter CX enclosures are specialized enclosures with integrated cooling, noise dampening, and power distribution for server and network applications in office environments.

Environ Enclosures and Rack Systems

The breadth of designs and products available from Environ make them ideal for a wide range of applications in the enterprise, data centre, security and professional audio visual market.
Environ Networking Racks and Open Frames