Environmental Server Room Monitoring within IT Spaces

With the modern pressures on data centres, server rooms and communication rooms, environmental or physical monitoring is key. Virtualisation has radically changed the need to monitor our data centres. Coupled with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and green ethics there is more of a requirement for server room monitoring.

Un-monitored IT suites can expose businesses to the extent that it makes it difficult to operate without connectivity to the core IT services. As businesses roll out cloud, VoIP and SIP technology the IT areas and devices need to be monitored 24 x 7 x 365 to provide services that all workers take for granted.

A broad range of server room monitoring hardware, software and services is available to provide businesses with the systems that they require to monitor these areas. The parameters include temperature, humidity/dewpoint, fluid, airflow, smoke, power, intrusion and third party devices.

Devices can operate independently or can also report into a central repository if required, in turn should you require historic data a central repository is essential.

APC NetBotz Environmental Monitoring Solutions

NetBotz devices from APC / Schneider offer an ideal solution if you would like to monitor your IT spaces and would like to incorporate video and audio.

RF Code Wireless Environmental Monitoring Solutions

RF Code offer wireless solutions for environmental monitoring but also have a strong offering for asset tracking.

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