Server Room Environmental Monitoring

With the modern pressures on data centres, server rooms and communication rooms, environmental or physical monitoring is key.

Environmental monitoring: ensuring IT systems run smoothly

A broad range of server room monitoring hardware, software and services is available to provide businesses with the systems that they require. The parameters include temperature, humidity/dewpoint, fluid, airflow, smoke, power, intrusion and third party devices.-monitored IT suites can expose businesses to the extent that it makes it difficult to operate without connectivity to the core IT services.

In order to manage this environmental monitoring we have a service and product range that allows a company to improve network reliability and availability while increasing the productivity of IT resources that are tasked with maintaining these networks. Appliances are simple, low cost and require no additional resource development. Appliances can operate independently or as part of an enterprise management solution. With the installation of products, the IT staff can now monitor the computer room, whether at their desk or working from home. Units can also been configured to alert technical support staff of potential issues via email, SMS or via SNMP. This in turn allows any problems to be fixed before they affect system availability in any way.

We can guarantee a far higher level of service for IT support departments that can now react to problems more quickly and efficiently.

APC NetBotz Environmental Monitoring Solutions

NetBotz devices from APC / Schneider offer an ideal solution if you would like to monitor your IT spaces and would like to incorporate video and audio.

StruxureWare Data Center Expert

StruxureWare Data Center Expert collects, organises, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network.

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