CCTV helping Health & Safety Compliance

Health and Safety protects the well being of employees, visitors and customers. Looking after Health and Safety makes good business sense and CCTV cameras can help you do just that.


“CCTV is extremely useful in relation to the two driving factors when it comes to Health & Safety and Food Safety Management”
Himmat Rai – Sentinel Safety

Reduce the H&S and commercial risk in manufacturing

In today’s industrial firms, security systems – and especially video monitoring systems – are becoming of increasing importance. In addition to intruder detection systems and access control systems, CCTV systems help to reduce commercial risks. Modern systems allow around-the-clock remote monitoring via mobile networks, which can be very useful in order to prevent intrusion and damages.  With the help of analytics you can also monitor track abnormalities or potential hazards in certain zones, by using monitoring equipment you can ensure that costly accidents do not happen in and around your factory.

CCTV Camera monitoring the vehicular and pedestrian lane within a warehouse

Minimise disruption and damage in your supply chain

As goods pass through the supply chain they face a number of threats. Whether that’s during transportation or in warehouses, from criminal activity or changing environments damaging delicate and perishable goods.  With remote monitoring in place the whole supply chain can benefit from optimised security, ensuring goods arrive when they are supposed to and without damage – minimising disruption to business.  As a result, security systems such as CCTV become instrumental in stopping incidents before they happen, opposed to footage only being used for evidential purposes – once the damage has been done.  Some of the areas that benefit to track vehicle movements are gates, barriers, fork lift operating areas and loading and unloading zones. With CCTV placed in the strategically you can monitor if your workforce are using all best practices.

Failed Manufacturing Plant

Failed manufacturing conveyor belt that would benefit from monitoring with CCTV Camera

Person identified on CCTV

CCTV Analytics recognising a person

Avoid pedestrian accidents with self-learning video analytics

Quickly spot overcrowding, hazards and incidents, with the self-learning analytics you can easily tell the difference between people and vehicles; thus providing you the ablity to monitor sensitive areas automatically, you can be alerted if anyone enters a vehicle only area and vice versa.

Speed up accident resolution

The use of video to settle disputes and backup claims is commonplace now, loss prevention departments utilise this strategy regularly – The ability to find incidents quickly is essential, thus selecting the right Video Management System and Camera is essential.

Video retrieval from Avigilon Control Centre

Simple video retrieval in under 2 minutes

Protect against false Health & Safety claims coming back to bite you

Find evidential quality images, quickly and easily, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to check how that person really did hurt themselves in the way they are claiming or did that accident really did happen in the way people are reporting.

“…in my experience I have found CCTV footage extremely useful when investigating accidents.  In order to find out how an accident occurred it’s normally a case of putting together a sequence of events of which CCTV footage really helps”
Himmat Rai – Sentinel Safety

Ensuring H&S compliance

Contractor Monitoring – Are your contractors working safely?  Once they have signed in are your contractors working safely, you can monitor the working practices quite easily and in some cases prevent any accidents before they happen.

“Ecl-ips are a highly professional company who deliver an excellent service. The new system works far better for us and saves so much time in searching for events. We are delighted with the system and the level of knowledge that we gained from Ecl-ips.”
Kevin Beck, Site Manager – Regency High School

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