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Mobotix Video Analytics include Mobotix Activity Sensor, counting and tracking movement.

The biggest problem with motion detection software today is the massive amount of false alarms

The MxActivitySensor reduces these false alarms by over 90%, with almost no configuration time. “MxActivitySensor is a completely new technology that is literally five years ahead of existing video motion detection systems,” says Mobotix founder and CEO, Dr. Ralf Hinkel. In this way, the MxActivitySensor also saves management time for the user. “Finding the real events in traditional motion detection software is like finding a needle in a haystack as every movement has triggered an alarm,” continues Dr. Hinkel. “With MxActivitySensor the user can concentrate on, and find real events fast and efficiently.”

MxActivitySensor Guide

MxActivitySensor Guide









MxAnalytics can enhance the functions of Mobotix cameras

Mobotix cameras can automatically detect movement within a monitored area. Mobotix has enhanced image data processing inside the camera with MxAnalytics video analysis tools, thus offering valuable information sources for process optimisation or marketing purposes, for example. How many people go in and out of which entrance during the day? Which areas in the shop attracted the most customers this month?

This makes it possible to track the movement of people and objects in the image and to collect statistical behaviour data. For this purpose heat maps can be created and counting lines can be defined. The camera then records how often each counting line is crossed within a specified period. The most frequented areas are highlighted in colour on a heat map.

Mobotix MxAnalytics Guide

Mobotix MxAnalytics Guide

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