Power Management

Up to 35% of energy consumed in commercial, data centres and industrial buildings is wasted. Where some facilities managers see inefficiency, others see opportunity.

If you’re like most energy or facilities managers, you have steep carbon or energy reduction goals but face a host of obstacles. These include age of buildings, no set energy management systems, shortage of staff and a team that is constantly fighting fires rather than proactively managing energy spend.

Monitoring and verification of your energy spend 24 x 7 x 365 with power management solutions will assist you in optimising your energy saving plan. Understanding and management of your base load is critical to achieving significant savings.

Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions

Power and Energy Monitoring is now an effective means of reducing consumption and reducing the liability of carbon taxes.

Using a system to monitor lighting, heating, cooling and general power circuits is essential to enable granular monitoring of your energy consumption. In turn this will allow you to analyse where energy is being used and reduce cost.

Flexible functionality to deliver what you require wherever you are

Power Management Software has different interfaces so different parts of the business can access the information they need in the format they need it.

Clean, fault free and continuous power

According to Ofgem, ‘Britain’s energy system is struggling under the pressure of the closure of ageing power stations and tough environmental targets’ (News Article). In addition to this the Government has now released details of an Energy Gap looming in 2016.

Uninterruptable Power Supplies provide seamless transition between mains power failure and a battery backup.

For detailed information please download the OFGEM-electricity-capacity-assessment-report-2013 here.

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