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Fog Generators

Fog Generators add another layer of protection to your security system allowing you to take instant action when an intruder gets into your premises. They create thick fog within seconds that will repel intruders forcing them to escape the building empty-handed.

Your money and your assets: A highly-prized target for thieves

For many retailers and other service providers their stock or the specialist tools required for their business are essential assets. Holding high value items or cash on the premises can also make you vulnerable to break-ins that may lead to  damage of your property and  potentially put staff in danger as well.

If you have a burglary or attempted break-in you could be faced with thousands of pounds worth of losses, your assets will need  replacing and there could be high repair costs. At the same time there will be a lot of  time spent with police and your insurance company dealing with the aftermath of the incident.

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Density Fog Generators provide active protection

While you may have installed an intruder alarm as well as CCTV you can also now add a layer of protection allowing you, or those managing your security, to take instant action when an intruder gets into your premises. This is where the Density Fog Generators can make all the difference. By creating thick fog within seconds they will stop intruders in their tracks so they are unable to get further inside your property to approach your valuables. Instead their only option will be to escape outside which will save you money from further attempts to find an point of entry and prevent them reaching your goods.

The Density Solutions

The range of Density Fog Generators are manufactured to meet the requirements of different sized premises.Density Fog Generator Trio

They are also placed in sensitive areas to ensure they operate in the places that are likely to be targeted by the intruders such as the showroom where the products are displayed; a workshop where there maybe tools for repairing products; the cash area near the till and the stockroom where there will be more products stored.

Density guarantees the quality and reliability of the Density 900, Density 1500, Density 2400, Density 6000 and Density 14000 fog generators for the duration of five years from the date on which the purchase was made.

Fog Generator Model Ideal Size For
Density 900 Banks
Density 1500 Commercial Tool hire
Computer Shops
Density 2400 Motorcycle shops
DIY/ gardening shops
Electrical Good stores
Density 6000 Warehouses
Large supermarkets
Data centres
Density 14000 Large retail spaces
Logistics warehouses

ActiveCloud: Advanced Cloud Monitoring

As you would expect from a product offered by Ecl-ips these fog generators reflect the latest technology. When you purchase a Density fog generator you will also be offered ActiveCloud a free service and management platform which means we, and you, can manage your Density Security Fog Generator remotely. This is an easy to use cloud monitoring platform which means all the information for you to use the fog generators, and for us to keep them supported, are available to view from a desktop or mobile device.

Active Cloud For Pdf Link

With ActiveCloud:

  • We/you can view all the Density Security Fog Generators you have across multiple sites if required and receive real time statuses
  • We/you can conveniently arm and disarm your system or shoot on demand– anytime, from any location.
  • We/you can adjust the shoot times remotely, down to the second.
  • We can allow check fluid levels and temperatures to ensure we are providing you with the best service.
  • We can receive automated reminders for servicing and maintenance
  • We can support all of our Density Fog clients simultaneously and provide support remotely. However, if required we will visit you on site if there is a problem.
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If you want to know more about how the active protection provided by Fog Generators will benefit you contact us

High Standards reached to provide a product you can trust

Density Fog Certicate

European standard EN 50131-8:2019

The Density Fog Generators are certified to meet the European standard EN 50131-8:2019.  This European standard tests and evaluates all anti-intrusion and hold-up alarm systems with Part 8 of the standard dedicated to fog-generating devices.

Revised in 2019, this document sets out the requirements for Fog Generators as part of an I-HAS. It covers application and performance and also provides the testing needed to ensure the efficiency and reliability of such pacification devices. This document also makes recommendations on the criteria for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of fog-generating devices.

The independent testing and accreditation specialist, Applica, tested the Density Range.

Certificate 21LA001 for EU Regulation EC 1935/2004: Certifying the fog generated does not damage food products

Density UK has received independent certification from Italian testing specialist, the Food Contact Center which means that its fog solution does not alter the food and produce when emitted from its Fog Generators.

This ultimately means that food in an area where the fog has been emitted does not have to be replaced or cleaned and can continue to be sold to consumers.

The fog generated includes an Anti-Intrusion Food Grade Solution which is designed to not only protect members of staff and protect stock, but also ensure that stock is not affected in anyway. Activating the Density units with this solution in will be safe for all food products.

Certificate For Food Safety

Videos: Find out more about the power of Density Fog Generators

Frequently Asked Questions

What is security smoke?

Security smoke is a thermally generated white fog, which will repel intruders so they are unable to access items to steal. It will help to protect high-value goods and is recommended by police and insurers.

What is a Density Fog Generator?

Density Fog Generators are the latest innovation in the active protection market. They are aimed at preventing intruders from accessing items to steal by generating dense smoke which will force the intruder to flee. They are a useful addition to a burglar alarm system.

What is the ActiveCloud platform?

ActiveCloud is a free service and management platform that forms part of the Density solution. This allows you to manage your fog generator remotely allow you to arm and disarm your system or shoot on demand– anytime, from any location. If you choose we can manage the system for you using ActiveCloud allowing you to concentrate on your core business knowing your assets are protected.

Why has Ecl-ips partnered with Density to offer fog generators?

Ecl-ips have selected the Density range of fog generators to offer clients because of their adaptability to a range of situations so we can meet your needs whether you are a large or small retailer or operate a large warehouse.

Each of the Density Fog Generators and accessories have been designed and produced to be the most efficient on the market, and to make your life easier. We also always offer a remote management option for the security systems we install which is why with its Active Cloud platform the Density Fog Generators are a perfect addition to our range.

What makes Density Fog generators stand out?

As you would expect from a product offered by Ecl-ips the Density fog generators reflect the latest technology and can be managed remotely via the Active Cloud platform.

Their engineers have worked on all the components of the Fog Generators to reduce their size while developing their performance in order to create a unique and uncluttered design that will fit perfectly into all professional and domestic environments.