CCTV Systems

In today's environment it is essential that you have access to all of your security systems across networks, this enables access at any time on desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

Why do you need a CCTV system for your organisation? Well, to be honest – you don’t – until you do. Many people pay for home insurance for years and rarely use it. However, if you have a break-in or property theft you are thankful that you have it. CCTV systems work along the same premise – you never need them until you need them.

We have experience in installing, managing and supporting a variety of CCTV systems. All of our engineers are Enhanced DBS Checked and also have a high level of training to deal with customer requirements whilst on-site. All systems are designed, pre-staged, installed and commissioned with the customers requirements in mind in order to provide the correct CCTV system for your needs.

Providing Comprehensive CCTV Systems

CCTV Cameras

High resolution CCTV and video surveillance has moved to the forefront globally as a strategic tool in protecting corporate and private assets. Providing one of the required tools for the war against terrorism, crime prevention, and public safety.

The days of grainy and blurry analogue CCTV systems have been replaced by advanced digital IP cameras and video management systems producing high resolution footage and easy to search analytical real-time and post-event video.

Video Management Solutions

ACC 7Flexible hybrid Video Management Solutions enable you to upgrade your existing analogue systems so there is no need to throw away your analogue cameras.

These Video Management Solutions also include sophisticated deep learning Artificial Intelligence within their Video Analytics to automatically monitor cameras and provide the user with alerts for events of interest. In most cases analytics are more effective and reliable than a human operator, which is a costly resource with limited alertness and attention.

Network Attached Storage

Synology Storage

Reliability is key when choosing your Network Attached Storage system and as high resolution CCTV systems grow, you need the flexibility of high throughput, expansion, speed of access and first class support.

Our chosen NAS Solutions will suit the Home user, Small to Medium Business user, Multi-Site user and also the Corporate user. The systems support several RAID Types including Raid 1,5,6 and 10.

Take a look at these videos explaining how we have supported customers from the commercial and education sector with their CCTV:

The right accreditation, insurance and guarantee are just a few important areas to check when choosing the best CCTV security company to work with.

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