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These videos showcase our CCTV, access control and real-time monitoring products and services and provide tutorials for using the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management, Paxton Access Control, APC monitoring and UPS software.

Video Management: Top tips for using Avigilon Control Center

The Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management system is powerful but easy to use. These videos provide advice on how to make the best use of the system.

ACC Mobile 3 extends the power of Avilgilon Control Center allowing you to view images on a device with network connectivity. This video shows you how to get connected.


ACC Mobile 3 provides you with remote access to your CCTV sytem using your mobile device if you have an internet connection. This video explains how to add different views in ACC Mobile 3.

ACC Mobile lets you monitor your system remotely over any wireless IP network using any Apple or Android device. View live and recorded video from any location with a wireless connection reducing response times.

Here is a quick and easy video showing you how to do the Bookmark Search in ACC7.

How to use the collaborate function in ACC 7.

This video shows how to export a bookmark in ACC 7.

This video explains how to use the pixel motion search.

This quick and easy video shows you how to move cameras around in the ACC view, it’s so easy you just drag and drop!

Avigilon Appearance Search video analytics technology is a sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) search engine for video. It sorts through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.

How to use the licence plate recognition  (LPR) search. Avigilon LPR, known as automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) in the UK, analytics automatically reads license plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video. This enables security operators to search and quickly find specific captured license plate video for verification and investigation.

ACC 7 Vehicle Appearance Search is able to distinguish between types of vehicles and their colour providing you with even more analytical tools so you can track incidents on your site.

How to use the bookmark search and zoom in Avigilon Control Center.


Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC7) video management software gives you control over your workstation with a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls, and customisable features that improve multi-person interactions. ACC7 offers both light and dark themes, with colours specifically chosen to reduce eye strain in dark environments, such as video surveillance control rooms.

A short video demonstrating how easy it is to change the live analytic settings in ACC 7.

To help you become standards-compliant with new data protection and privacy measures, Appearance Search results can be exported by ACC while all other subjects other than the person of interest in the video are redacted.

The thumbnail search option in ACC is designed to help dramatically improve event response times, and help you retrieve footage and images much quicker.

Tips on Access Control Software

Paxton’s Net2 Access Control Software has very useful features for you to manage access control and emergency alarms.

This shows how to reset your fire alarm using the Net2 software from Paxton Access Control.

This insight into Paxton Net2 software, shows you how to see a report showing you who is in your building , what time the entered and through what entrance

Understanding the APC real-time monitoring devices and software

Videos giving tips and product highlights.

The Netbotz 250 is a cost-effective real-time monitoring solution show-cased by this video.

This video provides tips on how to use the software for the Netbotz 250.

This video shows how easy it is to swap wireless APC sensors.

Highlighting Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7

Demonstrating the best features of ACC 7, the latest software from Avigilon.

Introducing the Avigilon Control Center 7 Focus of Attention feature.

A video showcasing the Avigilon Control Center 7’s new analytics feature.

Demonstrating the capabilities of Avigilon cameras.

Avigilon’s cameras boast the latest technological advances ensuring you can pick out your subject whatever the weather or time of day.

Avigilon is now part of Motorola Solutions and  the VT-100 Body Worn Camera is a product of the companies bringing their technologies together. This video shows how to turn the camera on and off.

H4 Thermal cameras are designed to detect the movement of people and vehicles even in areas with poor visibility, challenging lighting conditions, absolute darkness, and partly camouflaged scenes without the need for additional light sources.

Avigilon H4 IR PTZ cameras combine patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics with zoomable infrared (IR) technology to provide broad coverage and exceptional image quality in a range of lighting conditions and environments.

This video shows the capabilities of the Avigilon H4 Infrared PTZ camera at night.

The benefits and responsibilities of having a CCTV System

CCTV can provide many benefits for organisations but there are rules if you have one. These videos provide an overview if you are considering installing a CCTV system.

CCTV is a great way of providing part of your safeguarding portfolio at any site. We regularly install CCTV due to Health & Safety requirements as often as to solve security issues which is the usual use for CCTV.

A CCTV System runs over standard computer networks as modern phones systems also do. The system consists of Cameras a storage device , network cabling, Power over Ethernet switch and a viewing workstation or mobile device.

If your organisation has a commercial CCTV system, or you are about to have a system installed, you need to be aware of data protection laws. In the UK this means complying with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), which incorporated the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your CCTV System is as secure as you make it, one of the securest ways of running a CCTV system would be to only allow known secure traffic to it, maybe by using a VPN.

You can now view footage remotely on most systems. but be aware that as soon as you open up your cameras to the internet there is a security risk.

The best method for keeping track of visitors and staff in a building is via an swipe in / swipe out Access Control system in conjunction with an integrated CCTV system.

Modern CCTV system analytics can now identify people, cars or lorries as categories. Even more sophisticated systems can identify car numberplates or colours as well as faces.

You should retain footage for as long as the designated use of the system requires. Once you have carried out Camera Risk Assessments and defined the purpose of your CCTV System the retention period should be fit for purpose.

Find out more about our CCTV Systems and download a CCTV Buying Guide to help you too:

We can help you choose a CCTV camera system and to support you we can offer a 1 week free trial.

Do you have signage in place to say surveillance is taking place? Is there a published point of contact for people to raise queries or complaints with? These are questions you should be asking yourself if you have CCTV. This video shows you what your sign should look like and where it they should be displayed.

We offer a free trial of the Avigilon CCTV system. This video demonstrates the power of an IP CCTV system.

Ecl-ips provides a CCTV buying guide outlining the issues you need to consider when choosing a CCTV system.

Himmat Rai from Sentinel Safety talks you through the benefits of CCTV cameras from the Health and Safety prospective.

Real-time Monitoring

Why monitoring your server room properly will protect your business.

With effective server room monitoring you are able to concentrate on running your core business rather than fire fighting to retain business continuity.

Be Smart, Know Everything – protecting your server room.

APC Data Center Expert – managing your server room monitoring.

Benefits of a UPS and how to operate

These videos explain why a UPS important and how to use UPS software.

We would always recommend that a CCTV System has a back up power supply, more often now as CCTV Systems are IP Based this is easy to achieve with a UPS – Don’t forget that UPS devices also require monitoring and batteries generally tend to last for 5 years or so.

A UPS is a device that can provide back up power in the event of a power cut, it sits inline between the incoming power and protected device. Generally the UPS also provides power filtering to iron out any power peaks and troughs.

Most UPS devices have the capability to house network cards that can report on information that is relevant to the integrity of the system, such as battery condition, run-time remaining, load levels, input voltage etc.


Some of our customers share their experience of working with us and how our products have helped their organisation.

The Head of Security at a large country estate explains how Ecl-ips has provided a bespoke solution using the Avigilon CCTV system.

Nick Pinfield, Managing Partner of Chartered Accountants Pinfields, explains how Ecl-ips has helped his firm make its main offices in Bromsgrove safer with access control and CCTV.

Dan Seers, IT Team Leader at Gtech shares his customer experience.

Kevin Beck at Regency School in Worcester talks about the advantages of the Avigilon system.