Real-time Monitoring Solutions

With the modern pressures on data centres, server rooms and communication rooms, monitoring is key.

Real-time monitoring solutions can monitor a range of environmental and other factors which otherwise could cause disruption for your business.

  • Are you concerned about your air conditioning system or that you may have a leak in your server room? If you are, we can supply humidity sensors,temperature sensors and fluid detectors.
  • If you have staff access issues within your server room you may need door monitoring, cameras for visual audits and rack access control.
  • Environment monitoring for IT equipment is recommended by hardware manufacturers
  • You can also receive any alerts, alarms or notifications via SMS or email
real-time monitoring
Angela Price

We can integrate your real-time monitoring into a single platform to ensure your IT support is more efficient. If you want to know more about the services we can provide please contact us.

The real-time monitoring solutions we offer

We are specialists in providing the broad range of real-time monitoring hardware, software and services that are available to provide businesses with the systems that they require. To  improve your real-time monitoring further we have experience in integrating a lot of third party devices from various manufacturers into our platforms.

The products and services we offer allow a company to improve network reliability and availability while increasing the productivity of IT resources that are tasked with maintaining these networks. Appliances are simple, low cost and require no additional resource development.

Server RoomAPC NetBotz Monitoring

APC NetBotz devices from Schneider Electric, offer an ideal solution if you would like to monitor your IT spaces. Appliances can operate independently or as part of an enterprise management solution. With the installation of products, the IT staff can now monitor the computer room, whether at their desk or working from home. Units can also been configured to alert technical support staff of potential issues via email, SMS or via SNMP. This in turn allows any problems to be fixed before they affect system availability in any way. We can guarantee a far higher level of service for IT support departments that can now react to problems more quickly and efficiently.

Products include the entry-level APC NetBotz 250 rack monitor (NBRK0250), which is a cost effective and flexible hardware appliance for temperature, humidity and smoke monitoring and control in all IT environments from small edge networks to large data centres and the APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 750, which is the first of the V5 Netbotz appliances providing integrated surveillance, sensing, access control, and advanced alerting for IT environments of all sizes, from single-rack edge networks to large data centres.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

DCIM is the convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organisation. The main goal of a DCIM implementation is to provide administrators with a holistic view of a data centre’s performance so that power, equipment, rack and floor space are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are able to offer a comprehensive DCIM solution through Schneider Electric’s Struxureware for Data Centres and its EcoStruxure range, which includes Data Center Expert.

EcoStruxure IT revolutionizes DCIM by delivering a Datacenter Management as a Service (DMaaS) architecture, purpose-built for the hybrid IT and data center environments. The vendor-neutral architecture delivers a new standard for proactive insights on critical assets that impact the health and availability of an IT environment with the ability to deliver actionable real-time recommendations to optimize infrastructure performance and mitigate risk.

Power Management

power managementEliminating power management issues is essential for IT and Facilities Managers to maintain system availability of increasing higher density equipment. The power management products we provide are suitable for offices, factories, schools, shared offices, leisure facilities, server rooms, data centres, co-location facilities and warehouses. These include APC Smart-UPS devices and APC Power Distribution Units (PDUs). The growing complexity of IT environments, from wiring closets and server rooms to data centres of all sizes, has increased the need for reliable power distribution to the rack level while UPS systems provide protection for electronic equipment from utility power blackouts, brownouts, sags, and surges, small utility power fluctuations and large disturbances.