APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 – NBWL0755 / NBWL0756

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The APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 provides integrated surveillance, sensing, access control, and advanced alerting for IT spaces of all sizes where IT rack space is limited.

£2,175.00£2,300.00 (ex VAT)


The APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 is a flexible real-time monitoring device that can be used for surveillance, monitoring of physical threats such as such as high temperature, humidity, water damage and rack access control, which means you will be protected against both malicious and unintentional access events.

The device is designed so you can place it where it is needed within your IT space whatever its size. The monitor is available with (NBWL0756) or without (NBWL0755) a 120/240V PoE Injector.

This APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 forms part of the APC Netbotz 750 series of products which includes the APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 750. The monitor integrates with APC racks, NetBotz sensors, and supports the HD, Low Light Camera Pod 165. You can manage up to 47 NetBotz wireless temperature and temp/humidity sensors from a single NetBotz device.

For easy management of your server room monitoring the APC NetBotz Room Monitor 755 also integrates with Schneider Electric’s Data Center Expert software.





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