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Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is the first line in defence to alert you if an intruder enters your site. This can be the physical barriers built to stop entry or other measures taken to provide security and deter those who may wish to a break-in to or damage your property.

Perimeter Protection: The first line in your security

What is Perimeter Security or Perimeter Protection?

If you have a large private or commercial property keeping your perimeter secure can be a challenge. Perimeter security aims to protect people and assets within a property and its grounds from intruders by blocking unauthorised physical intrusions across its boundary. These can both be physical barriers, including bollards, gates and fences, and technological solutions that can detect intruders and alert property owners when a perimeter has been breached.

Perimeter intrusion detection

Detecting intruders when they breach your perimeter, before they reach your main buildings or assets, means alerts can be set up raising an audible alarm or sending a notification to a mobile device, so action can be taken to stop them, or indeed they may be deterred from attempting a break-in.  This type of solution is called a perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS), and works effectively when the latest physical barriers are combined with advanced surveillance and security technology.

We provide a range of solutions to secure your perimeter giving you the peace of mind that you are fully protecting your property.

Security perimeter sensors

By installing a hybrid wired and wireless intruder alarm system you can ensure your whole site is monitored and protected. Using the latest advanced detectors will ensure you pick up when intruders are breaking in and trying to access the perimeter of your grounds or your property.

Orisec has developed a range of XD2 wired and wireless external detectors  specifically designed to provide an early warning that somebody is on your premises. You can be notified about an intrusion via an internal chime or a notification within Orisec’s Control Plus app. You can opt to have the full alarm system to be activated at night if you prefer.

Perimeter Security Cameras/CCTV

Strategically placed surveillance or CCTV cameras around the perimeter of your property and your buildings, especially if embedded with advanced analytics that will detect unusual movement, is ideal if you need additional protection.

  • The latest Avigilon software, Avigilon Unity Video 8 , and H6A and H6X cameras offer advanced protection and surveillance thanks to AdaptAI analytics. Of particular benefit, if you want to protect your perimeter, is the ability to detect somebody crawling and to detect crowds.
  • The  Avigilon H6A PTZ  is  ideal if you have a large site with wide-open spaces, that includes areas such as car parks or sports pitches, and is effective at capturing long-distance images and wide angles. The camera delivers high-quality, detailed images with up to 30x zoom giving great potential to protect your perimeter. If you need to protect a site at night the H5A IR PTZ is also available.
  • The cloud-based Avigilon Ava cameras offer the latest advanced analytics via the Avigilon Alta Aware video management platform. You can opt for an Avigilon Ava Bullet security camera with a tele lens which is ideal for monitoring long distances, for example, along a perimeter fence or wall.

Perimeter Access Control

Electronic Access Control systems allow you to have an effective method of authorising access to the right people but also of restricting access to the wrong people. At the perimeter of your property this can be through entry systems at gates or via bollard entry systems. Our main access control partners have solutions that can also be integrated with CCTV and intruder alarm systems and their apps allow you to monitor real time activity, on site and remotely off site and remotely lock doors. Additional access controls can be put in place at the entrance of your building to provide more peace of mind. Specific solutions we offer include:

  • The Avigilon on-premise access control solution, Avigilon Unity Access, which is a browser-based and mobile-enabled solution, allowing operators to conveniently manage access and respond to alerts from wherever they are.
  • Avigilon Alta access control which delivers reliable keyless, mobile access control with smart video, intercom capabilities and cloud-based software.
  • Paxton Door Entry: This allows you to recognise a visitor calling at the main entrance before granting them access to your building. The Paxton Access Control Door Entry system can work standalone or alongside its access control systems Net2 and Paxton10 that we also offer.

A combination of security and access control systems are therefore the most effective way to provide perimeter protection. The video below shows how we have provided security, including perimeter intrusion protection, across a large country property.

How we can help improve your perimeter security

When you contact us we will offer a free site visit. Any perimeter security solution should be part of your wider security system so when we visit the property we can conduct a thorough audit of all its needs, including a security risk assessment. This will take into account all the risks associated with your property including the size of the grounds and the number of buildings and where they are located.

We can then outline details about the sort of products and solutions that could be installed to provide the required level of security. We offer the highest level of integration of any solutions we can to ensure their management is as easy as possible.

For added protection of sites we would recommend remote intruder alarm monitoring by our standards-compliant Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), and this may be necessary to meet the requirements of your insurance company. With our experience of working on large properties and long experience in the security industry you can be confident that you will be working with a reliable partner.


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For advice on all aspects of perimeter intrusion protection and integrating this with your security systems contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

What is perimeter protection?

Perimeter protection is the first line in the defence to prevent an intruder entering your site but can also refer to the first line in detection of an intruder should they be able to enter the site and attempt to break-in to a building. Ecl-ips can advise you on the different options you can use to keep your property secure from the perimeter to inside the building.

How can you help me with my security needs?

Ecl-ips engineers can visit your site or property and if you already have intruder alarms or other security systems we can assess whether they are doing what they need to do and whether the equipment still works. We can also consider what additional requirements you may have. If you do not yet have any security systems we will take the time to consider what you need. We can produce a downloadable report with a complete range of security recommendations. We like to work with our customers to ensure they get what they want and need over time so can take a phased approach if that is required by budgetary constraints.

How would an intruder alarm system benefit me?

The key benefits to you as a home or business owner of installing an intruder alarm are:

  • Protecting your property from theft and vandalism
  • Increasing the likelihood of police apprehending criminals
  • Lowering your insurance premiums
  • Providing peace of mind when you’re away from home or off-site

How will we assess your perimeter security?

Depending on the risk factors and your security priorities, protecting your boundaries could involve a range of measures, such as:

  • Installing bollards and physical barriers at entry points which can be integrated with CCTV and access control systems
  • Installing Intruder Alarm System Detectors along the perimeter which can be integrated with CCTV systems and security lighting
  • Remote monitoring via our ARC, to provide 24/7 coverage of your site. This can be combined with advanced CCTV and intruder alarm systems which allow you to manage site security effectively.

What is the best approach to take to protect my site?

A combination of security systems – such as CCTV, intruder alarm and  access control measures along with remote monitoring – are the ideal way to provide vital prevention especially when risk levels are elevated.

What intruder alarm solutions do you need for perimeter protection?

Orisec has developed the robust water-proof XD2 detectors that are made for outdoor use. These are fitted with passive infra-red (PIR) sensors; have adjustable detection range and angle; a built-in sounder and a wireless walk test fob. These are available both as wired & wireless detectors allowing you more flexibility as to where they are placed around the site. By including these within your overall intruder alarm system you will have added peace of mind.

If intruders manage to get beyond the boundary of your property and to the perimeter of the building there are a range of detectors we can offer from our intruder alarm suppliers. By detecting intruders at this stage your alarm should trigger before they actually enter the building. For example:

  • Detectors can be fitted to external doors to detect the opening of the door.
  • Contact Shock detectors, which are a combination of a contact and an inertia (vibration) sensor can be fitted to windows or patio doors to detect forced entry, glass breakage and also the opening of a door or window. Magnetic Contacts are often used with shock detectors and use a magnet connected to a switch to detect if a window or door is opened or closed.