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The Avigilon H5A Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera brings wide area coverage, high-speed movement and long range detail, empowering security operators with 360° views to monitor large areas with ease, including greater zooming capabilities for evidentiary detail.

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If you have a large site with wide-open spaces, that includes areas such as car parks or sports pitches then having a CCTV camera that will be effective at capturing long-distance images and that can capture wide angles is really important.

The Avigilon H5A PTZ is the perfect solution for you delivering high-quality, detailed images with up to 36x zoom. The camera is available as a 2MP, 4MP or 8MP model so you can ensure you get the image quality you require.

If you already have a H4 PTZ camera but are looking to upgrade Avigilon has developed replaceable parts which Ecl-ips can install allowing you to have an easy transition from a H4 PTZ to a H5A PTZ camera.


  • Five- year Warranty
  • ONVIF-Compliant: Native ONVIF Profile S, T and G compliance allows easy integration with existing ONVIF infrastructures
  • LightCatcher™ Technology: exceptional detail in a low-light setting
  • Wide-dynamic Range: capturing details in both very dark and very light settings
  • HDSM SmartCodec™ Technology: HDSM SmartCodec technology optimises compression levels for regions in a scene to maximise bandwidth savings.

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2.0, 4.0, 8.0

Lens Type

4.3 – 129mm, 4.4 – 88mm

Type of Mount

In-Ceiling, Pendant



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