Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists Ltd

Customer: Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists Limited

Location: Droitwich, Worcestershire

Requirement: CCTV solution that would be easy to operate and stress free with remote access technology to improve site security

Solution: Mobotix Q22 Panoramic IP Camera, Mobotix M12 day/night External IP Cameras, Mobotix M22 Internal IP Camera, Mobotix D12 Dual Dome IP Camera

Services: Design of the new system, installation, training, maintenance and support

Customer’s View: “Overall we have been very pleased with the system installed by Ecl-ips, the staff are very helpful, the technical staff certainly know their stuff, and the aftercare has been second to none. I would be very happy to recommend Ecl-ips.” Mr P Doyle, proprietor Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists Ltd

Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists Limited invests in digital CCTV as part of move to larger premises

Based in Droitwich, Worcestershire, Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists Ltd have been established over 30 years.

Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists has two divisions with one concentrating on aspects of roofing and building from repair works to large scale dilapidation works, Extensions, Conversions and New Builds. The second division is a Merchants stocking roofing and building materials including a large selection of reclamation materials.

In October of 2009, when the firm decided to move to larger premises, it was felt that the old analogue CCTV solution, which was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain due to repeated failures, would offer little value for the new larger site.

Following a tender request to three local CCTV installation companies, Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists selected a MOBOTIX solution from Ecl-ips. As Kevin Dobbs, Office Manager for Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists explains, “Our main requirement was for good quality images, both day and night, and for a system that was easy to operate with little or no ongoing maintenance cost. The MOBOTIX system ticked all the boxes and the guys from Ecl-ips really seemed to know the system well.”After surveying the site and discussing the exact requirements with the client, Ecl-ips installed a five camera MOBOTIX system to cover key areas including the yard entrance, workshop, storage areas, parking lot and reception. Due to Mobotix’s innovative Q24 hemispheric camera, Ecl-ips only had to install one camera in the main office building.

Thanks to the 360° all-round view, the Q24 is able to capture an entire room. With a panorama function and a quad view, the camera can show images from four different angles simultaneously. Currently the MOBOTIX Q24 is the only product on the market that offers this functionality and reduces the amount of cameras needed to provide surveillance of a room.

“The system has been up and running now for several months and any little tweaks we needed have been done remotely by Ecl-ips without the need for an expensive site visit,” explains Kevin, “The quality is excellent and the software is incredibly easy to use.”

Droitwich Roofing & Building Specialists now have the ability to remotely view any camera on the site via its broadband connection, which proves useful, if an alarm is triggered or if managers need to find out if there is anybody on site out of normal working hours.

Due to Mobotix’s innovative Q22 hemispheric camera, Ecl-ips installed only one camera in the main office

The MOBOTIX Q22M hemispheric camera enables 360° allround view and full image storage. This is the only way for a single camera to record the area shown in the clip, with all four corners. A user-friendly feature allows the image to be

corrected both live and in recordings to eliminate distortion. Users can then view the relevant details more closely using the software-controlled virtual PTZ function.

The In-Ceiling set allows mounting the cameras in suspended ceilings, for example. This type of installation provides optimum protection for the camera and reduces the visible profile to a minimum since the camera only protrudes 24 mm (1”) from the ceiling.


Droitwich Roofing now feel confident that their site, materials and equipment are being monitored at all times.

The Technology

An expandable, easy to operate and stress free CCTV System with remote access technology.

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