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CCTV Cameras

When choosing what CCTV system to invest in, quality should always be a deciding factor. This means having a system where you can find an incident quickly and identifies threats accurately. In other words analytics are key to a good CCTV solution.

Intelligent CCTV

Avigilon: High Quality CCTV Systems

If you are looking for the most advanced and flexible CCTV system, with a wide range of high-definition cameras and intuitive user-friendly software, then you should take a look at the options from Avigilon, part of Motorola Solutions. For 20 years Avigilon has defined the future of security and protection and now produces IP camera systems and solutions that are AI-powered and built with simplicity in mind.

We also continue to support Mobotix camera systems and can integrate these, and other brands of cameras, into the Avigilon system, thanks to its flexible and advanced technology.

Ava Camera

Avigilon Alta: Modern cloud-based CCTV

If you want a smart modern CCTV system then look no further than Avigilon Alta, formerly Ava Security. Avigilon Alta aims to empower organisations to protect people, businesses, and reputation with proactive, cloud-native video security.

Avigilon Alta’s security solution is based around its Aware Cloud video management system (VMS) . The platform is open, scalable, secure, and easy to use.Alta Aware is a powerful cloud-based AI VMS equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities. Avigilon Alta also offers a range of modern CCTV cameras that come with built-in AI video and audio analytics. To provide added flexibility when you undertake a CCTV upgrade we offer its cloud connector which means you can connect your third-party cameras and sensors to the Alta Aware cloud-based platform.

This means we can easily upgrade your CCTV system, and add other devices such as the HALO Smart Sensor, to take advantage of the Alta Aware platform and its advanced features without having to replace existing cameras.

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Are you unsure which camera system to invest in?

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Advanced AI-powered video analytics

To be effective CCTV cameras need to be able to provide you with the clearest images possible and with advanced analytics be able to identify when an event of interest is taking place. The most advanced cameras are now available with advanced embedded video analytics features such as being able to recognise the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion not relevant to a scene.

These enable you to use the analytics technology within Avigilon Unity Video software (formerly Avigilon Control Center) to intelligently search for specified events of classified objects and help you find the specific footage you need quickly. This AI-enabled software also allows you to selectively apply analytics-based events as alarms and rule triggers, providing local or mobile users with immediate notifications for suspicious activities. Separately advanced Avigilon NVRs can provide these features to non-analytic cameras improving the effectiveness of your CCTV system.

These advanced AI-powered analytics features are also available within Alta Aware, the cloud-based VMS we offer which provides another quick way to upgrade your CCTV system through its cloud connector appliance. The video analytics are designed to increase the productivity of security personnel while making monitoring more affordable and efficient.

CCTV helping Health & Safety Compliance

Health and Safety protects the well-being of employees, visitors and customers. CCTV cameras can help you reduce the Health and Safety risks in your company which makes good business sense.

CCTV Health and safety

CCTV Cameras Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of CCTV?

The benefits of CCTV can be to act as a deterrent to potential intruders, recording evidence of break-ins, vandalism or accidents on your site that you may want to investigate or pass onto the Police. Additionally, CCTV can be used to safeguard staff and others. Surveillance cameras have been shown to encourage good behaviour, and if people believe they are protected and safe they will perform better.

How do CCTV systems work?

A CCTV or Video Management System tends to run over standard computer networks as modern phones systems also do. The system consists of cameras, a storage device (that runs the management software), network cabling, Power over Ethernet switch and a viewing workstation or mobile device. Cameras can record continuously to the central storage device and be interrogated locally on a device with software on it. A new addition that replaces the local storage are Cloud solutions that record footage based on triggers such as movement, analytics or detectors. In this case, all footage is recorded in the cloud and accessible via an APP or Web Browser.

What should I look for in a modern IP CCTV camera system?

Modern CCTV camera systems  now have the ability to provide viable real-time and post-event footage for the modern demands placed on them. High resolution cameras provide higher frame rates at multi-megapixel resolution, coupled with powerful video management systems and analytics they provide the ability to both provide high quality surveillance and a tool to support your health and safety obligations.

What can advanced CCTV camera systems detect?

Advanced CCTV systems can both detect objects, people and movement. On some CCTV systems, such as Mobotix, this is done within the camera. Avigilon has developed its H5A cameras which contains analytics functions which together with its Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software can can now identify people, cars or lorries as categories.  Meanwhile Avigilon LPR analytics automatically reads licence plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video.

H5A cameras can also now analyse a camera’s scene and detect when objects (people or vehicles) are moving at an unusual speed or are present in an unusual location in the scene and send an event to ACC for presentation to an operator in the Focus of Attention interface.

How will CCTV cameras help my business?

CCTV cameras can help businesses through:

1. Crime prevention: CCTV systems are a deterrent against criminal activity.
2. Provision of evidence: If a crime or an accident does occur you have the footage to show evidence that can be used by law enforcers if necessary.
3. Safeguarding staff and others: CCTV has been shown to encourage good behaviour, and if people believe they are protected and safe they will perform better.

How can I decide on the right CCTV system for my business?

We would recommend that you seek advice from CCTV specialists that are accredited with one of the industry’s professional bodies such as the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). They will consider a variety of factors such as the size of your premises, the type of organisation that you are, what you are trying to achieve with your CCTV system and whether you are likely to want to expand or change your system in the future. By coming on site and understanding your organisation they can recommend the CCTV system that will work for you and provide more details such as what cameras to use and where they should be sited.

Ecl-ips recommends the Avigilon system precisely because it is scalable and there are a range of cameras to suit different requirements. Additionally, the Avigilon Control Center video management software is easy to use, but incredibly powerful. If you would like us to visit you and carry out a free site survey contact us.

Can I view CCTV camera footage remotely?

Yes you can, this is both through Avigilon Alta, its cloud-based solution and Avigilon Unity Video, formerly Avigilon Control Center, its video management software, and Avigilon Unity Cloud Services.

However, you should be aware that as soon as you open up your cameras to the internet there is a security risk. Please make sure that you don’t use admin or administrator as usernames or any default usernames or passwords on your systems.

Can you help if I need to upgrade my CCTV camera system?

We have extensive experience of this and most CCTV systems can be upgraded. If it is an analogue system this is made quite easy with encoders or if you have an IP connected system you have more options with ONVIF compliant cameras. The main process here is working out what you would like to achieve by upgrading and giving you the best solution we can. Read one of our case studies to find out how we have helped others to upgrade.

Can you use CCTV cameras to monitor staff at work?

Companies that operate in the UK are allowed to monitor their staff at work. However, the use of CCTV in the workplace is governed by extensive privacy and data protection legislation, which aims to ensure that the basic human rights to privacy and dignity are upheld for everyone, regardless of occupation and status.

CCTV surveillance cameras can be deployed on a business’ premises, but only for legitimate, justifiable purposes. Certain rights, such as the right to access footage in which they appear, are granted by law to all employees. For more information on using CCTV in the workplace read this blog.

Can I use CCTV to control who is in a building or on a site?

The best method for keeping track of visitors and staff in a building or around a site is via an swipe in / swipe out Access Control system,  in conjunction with an integrated CCTV system. Number plate recognition technology within your CCTV cameras and software can also be linked to access control systems to ensure only authorised people access your site.

What is the process of buying a CCTV camera system?

We would always recommend purchasing a CCTV System from an NSI Gold installer as this will provide you with access to properly trained staff to assist you with your buying journey. Ecl-ips has produced a CCTV Buying Checklist and can offer a free trial of the Avigilon CCTV system to help you with your CCTV buying decisions.

Do you still need an intruder alarm system with CCTV cameras?

Yes an intruder alarm system is still a vital part of an effective security system even if you have CCTV cameras. We can help with this so please contact us if you want to know more.

Is AI embedded within the latest CCTV cameras?

Yes AI technology is embedded within both Alta and Unity cameras from Avigilon. All Avigilon Ava cameras come embedded with AI technology as do the latest cameras from Avigilon Unity such as the H6SL range. The AI-enabled analytics within the H6SL cameras provide enhanced object detection and classification so you can stay a step ahead of potentially critical events.