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The AI-powered Avigilon Ava Bullet security camera seizes critical details from any outdoor or indoor location. With two powerful wide and tele lenses, a 4K image sensor, IR illumination, and optical zoom, it helps you capture clear and sharp images in challenging light conditions

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The Avigilon Ava Bullet video security camera has an innovative sliding body design that eliminates the need for back boxes with simpler cable management. The Avigilon Ava Bullet cameras are also adjustable at installation to provide the best field of view for each location. For audio detections, these cameras feature a four-way microphone array to provide feedback on the location of the source of the audio.

The Avigilon Ava Bullet cameras are available with two lens options; Wide angle (with a focal length of between 4.3 — 10.8 mm, giving up to a 100° field of view) and Tele (with a focal length of between 11 — 28 mm, giving up to a 39° field of view). For both lens options, you can rotate the lens in the housing to give either a 16:9 landscape view, or a 9:16 corridor view.

Bullet cameras are used where you need to monitor large areas. This could be a wide area such as a car park, where the Avigilon Ava Bullet Wide is useful. The Ava Bullet Tele camera is ideal for monitoring long distances, for example, along a perimeter fence, or to monitor a Solar Power installation.

With Avigilon Ava cameras you no longer need centralised storage or analytics servers, which need to be separately purchased, configured, and maintained. The Bullet camera’s  powerful video and audio analytics enable you to be proactive and detect threats before they turn into incidents. The Avigilon Ava Bullet is designed and developed in Norway and the UK and manufactured in Taiwan.

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11-28 mm, 4.3-10.8 mm

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