Power Management

Ecl-ips supplies products to help you manage power efficiently to meet the requirements of your IT hardware.

Benefits of Power and Energy Management

  • Reduce energy and operational costs
  • Improve power and equipment reliability
  • Optimise operations
  • Increase system capacity
  • Minimise expensive downtime
  • Meet sustainability goals
  • Improve productivity

Monitor and Manage

The power management products we provide are suitable for offices, factories, schools, shared offices, leisure facilities, server rooms, data centres, co-location facilities and warehouses. Power and energy management systems can be retro-fitted in existing buildings or incorporated into new builds.

Most energy monitoring naturally evolve into energy management. After all, it’s only logical that once you understand your usage patterns, which of the individual machines in your facility are the heaviest consumers, how your consumption fluctuates, and what types of changes are needed, you will want to automate and control these things to make your business more energy efficient.

Improve Efficiency

Doing everything you can to improve energy efficiency and minimise waste is crucial. And no matter what type of facility you have, power is critical to your operation. Unplanned outages, equipment glitches, and poor power quality can cost you daily.

Having the proper power management products can help you reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and meet sustainability goals.