Paxton is a leading manufacturer of electronic access control systems. From its inception Paxton Access has aimed for engineering excellence.

Paxton has become a market leader through its constant efforts to exceed the expectations of installers and system users. The company has been profitable and enjoyed considerable growth every year since 1993.

Paxton aims to design and manufacture intelligent and innovative products that are fit for their purpose. The firm manufactures stand alone access control systems but in our opinion the pick of the crop are the Net2 range of network connected access control systems providing control from your desk or even mobile devices. To find out more click on our Paxton products page.

The guarantee on most of the Paxton products is five years from the date of manufacture. It is intended that this guarantee should be in plain English, in large print and very clear to all.

For further information please find the Paxton Access Control Brochure below that explains what electronic access control is, the benefits of access control over keys and locks, including its flexibility, and how access control will help to keep your buildings secure.


Ecl-ips Paxton Access Control Brochure

We can provide a complete access control solution with Paxton products. If you would like our advice on this contact us.