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Paxton Access Control

UK-based Paxton Access has over 30 years of experience, in designing and manufacturing market-leading security solutions for a range of buildings. We are experts in Net2 Paxton's networked access control system.

If you are looking to enhance your security systems and improve safeguarding for all those on your site but also want to provide easy access for them then the electronic access control solutions from Paxton Access will help.

Paxton Access Ltd aims to design and manufacture intelligent and innovative electronic access control products and its solutions are simple for those managing access to businesses, schools, colleges and other organisations as well as the users themselves. Both Net2, its well-established access control solution, and Paxton10, which offers a completely integrated CCTV and access control system for users and advanced features such as the Paxton Key App, are constantly being improved to help users.

Benefits of Electronic Access Control

If you are struggling with managing the number of staff or visitors on your site and want to be able to more easily record who is present or want to seal off areas within your property then electronic access control is the answer.

  • You can improve access both to staff and visitors but at a manageable cost
  • When staff leave it is easy to remove their access and add new staff and you do not have to keep track of multiple sets of keys
  • You can manage occupancy levels easily – helping you deal with emergencies more easily
  • If it is a site that is not always staffed then it is easy to control access remotely or via a schedule; with Paxton10 you can manage multiple sites remotely on a single platform
  • You can monitor real time activity, on, and remotely off, site
  • You can create staff time keeping logs
  • The system will create emergency evacuation call list logs
  • Areas within a building can be separately secured improving security systems
  • Door Locks are managed either centrally or via stand-alone solutions
  • Paxton Key App
    This app allows Paxton10 users to access through doors with your smartwatch, smartphone or tablet
  • Checkpoint Control
    This Net2 feature allows you to control the flow of people through a building.
  • Occupancy Management
    Using Net2 you can restrict the numbers around your building to protect sensitive areas
  • Remote Management tools
    Net2Online or the app, Paxton Connect,  is available for Net2 and Paxton10 users

Paxton: Over 30 years of experience in access control

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From its inception Paxton Access Ltd has aimed for engineering excellence and has become a market leader through its constant efforts to exceed the expectations of installers and system users. The firm aims to offer the latest technology to provide powerful, yet easy to use solutions to improve security systems in a wide range of sectors.

We have been installing Paxton’s access control products since 2012 and became a Platinum Partner in 2023. As part of our wider security industry knowledge we are able to provide specialist expertise using Paxton’s high quality products and software. We are able to offer their access control solutions as part of an integrated security solution if necessary. Additionally, as an established partner we are able to take advantage of its free installer training workshops and excellent technical support team. We can also provide our customers with the  five-year guarantee and simple returns process Paxton offers.

Improving access control across a range of sectors

Harrow School


Building on our expertise with installing CCTV in schools we can offer this and access control across the whole sector including colleges and universities. All these facilities have a responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and students. Paxton’s systems can provide a simple, user-friendly solution.

Particular features that could help include:

  • Flexibility to manage changing schedules of a busy campus
  • Automated door open and close times for school hours


Hospitals, GP surgeries and other healthcare settings need to offer a safe and positive environment for both their employees, visitors and patients using their facilities. Additionally, they have numerous assets that need to be protected from misuse, theft or damage.

Benefits that the Paxton solutions can bring include:

  • Limiting public access to certain areas
  • Higher security for sensitive areas
  • Providing a safe environment for patients


We can integrate our security products with Paxton’s solutions having had experience with installing CCTV and fog generators within a retail setting. Paxton’s products can offer a way of managing building access whilst also ensuring stock, equipment and people are appropriately protected. Features include:

  • Simple public access with restricted areas for staff and management
  • Securing stock and business assets
  • Automatically locking doors when the shop is closed
Fitness Gca9077d43 1920


Premises, such as private gyms and public leisure centres have many access and security requirements. Paxton’s solutions allow staff, members and customers into the venue whilst restricting public access.

  • Secure site assets and customer property
  • Integrate with membership systems
  • Improve energy efficiency
Commercial Property bespoke intruder alarm


This sector includes office buildings, creative workspaces and studios as well as hospitality venues. Paxton’s range of solutions provide a convenient way of securing offices and other similar spaces. The key features can:

  • Ensure staff can come and go from their individual areas with ease
  • Safeguard premises and assets from damage, theft or misuse
public sector

Public sector

The public sector covers a range of buildings and uses for those spaces, so have many different requirements. Paxton’s high quality solutions offer the flexibility to open up public areas of a building whilst securing areas which are only available for employees. Useful features include:

  • Controlling movement of large numbers of public visitors
  • Managing multi-site facilities with central administration

Paxton Access Control Solutions

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Paxton launched Paxton10 in November 2019. This combines next generation access control and video management on a single platform. This versatile system supports multi-site management & remote access. Paxton10 is scalable from 1 to 1000 doors & 1 to 1000 cameras.

Net 2 Access Control Paxton 6

Net 2 Access Control

Net2 is  an advanced PC based access control solution. Developed to be straightforward and intuitive, Net2 software is easy to use. You can have Net2 Lite: Ideal for most sites, free of charge or Net2 Pro: Extra features, for more flexibility.

Paxlock Pro On Door With Hand And Token


PaxLock door handles form part of Paxton’s range of wireless access control solutions for effective door locks and better security. The design is compatible with any DIN standard lock for a quick and simple installation. It can be standalone or networked. People can have card access or access via door fobs.

Paxton10 Interface Connect App

Connect App

Straightforward to use, the Paxton Connect app contains a range of features in one smart platform and enables you to manage multiple sites remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or browser. This app is available for both of Paxton’s main systems: Paxton 10 and Net2.

Paxton Key App Phone

Paxton Key App

Paxton Key works with Paxton10 readers, PaxLock Pro and Entry panels using four simple steps:
1) A smartphone, tablet or smartwatch sends an encrypted advert up to a range of 10 metres
2) A Paxton10 reader connects
3) Free Bluetooth credentials are exchanged
4) Access is granted or denied within milliseconds

Net2 Entry Premium Monitor On Table With Hand

Paxton Access Door Entry

Paxton’s Door Entry system can be installed alongside Paxton10 and Net2, as well as being available as a standalone option. Users can unlock additional features such as intruder alarm integration and answering the door from a SIP compatible door plus centralised management from a PC.

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We can provide a complete access control solution with Paxton products. If you would like our advice on this contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need access control?

It allows you to manage your buildings more effectively and keep them more secure. They give you the ability to monitor people entering buildings, or parts of your premises both if you are on site or off site via remote access.

What is Net2 software?

Net2 is Paxton’s networked access control system. It can be administered using one or more PCs and can be monitored and managed from a central location. It is a complete solution that encompasses wireless and door entry.

There are two versions of the Net2 software: Net2 Lite which is free of charge and is ideal for most sites, and Net2Pro, which offers more flexible and advanced features. The software is designed to be straight forward and intuitive so is easy to learn.

What do you get with Net2 Lite?

The Net2 software offers centralised administration and control of sites with up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users.

You can access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using the intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks and advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and ‘Triggers and Actions’ further extend the capabilities of this system.

What additional features do you get with Net2 Pro?

In Net 2’s latest update Net2.v6.05 Paxton has responded to the challenges posed by COVID-19 by adding Checkpoint Control which allows businesses to protect their staff and visitors by monitoring and approving people as they return to work. Its previous upgrade Net2 v6.04 added an Occupancy Management feature which allows you to limit the number of people in any given area of a building; either barring access or sending an email/text to a manager when a space nears capacity.

Paxton has also added functionality making remote monitoring more effective than ever. Sites can be easily managed via an internet browser or the smartphone app minimising the need for regular site visits. Paxton Connect, available for the iOS & Android operating systems and Net2Online are accessible from any device with an internet connection. They are completely free to existing users of Net2 Pro software.

Other features on Net2 Pro are fire alarm integration; roll call and muster reporting; timesheets and timelines; security lockdown; Landlord-tenant/ advanced operator permissions and multi-zone intruder alarm integration.

Why would I want to install Paxton10?

While Ecl-ips has the expertise to integrate your CCTV and access control systems Paxton10 combines both technologies into one product to remove any complexity and deliver the benefits of a completely integrated solution.

What is the advantage of Paxton10?

Combining two vital security solutions into a single, user-friendly system makes managing your site much simpler with Paxton10. The range of free Paxton apps are also available to help you access your security system from a smartphone or tablet. The Paxton Key App is a really convenient way to open doors that is only available for Paxton 10 users.

What is the Paxton Key app and how we it help me?

The Paxton Key App for Paxton 10 users allows access through doors with your smartwatch, smartphone or tablet, it even works without ever taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket! The free Bluetooth smart credentials are easy to issue and use, and allow you to open any Paxton10 door using the Paxton Key app.

What sectors would benefit from Paxton Access Control?

The retail, healthcare, education, sectors would all benefit from the advanced electronic access control Paxton offers.

What is Paxton10 Multi-Site?

The Paxton10 multi-site feature of its software means you can manage multiple sites on one system. Using Paxton10 Cloud Services your system can span buildings, cities, countries and continents with no complicated setup or physical network required. The system is scalable up to 100 sites on a single system with up to 1,000 doors, 1,000 cameras and 50,000 users.

What is PaxLock?

PaxLock is Paxton’s range of wireless solutions in a door handle. It offers the same security and convenience as a wired access control system but with the additional flexibility of being wireless, meaning less cabling and therefore quick and simple installation for minimal disruption.

PaxLock can be standalone or as part of a networked system, offering a versatile access control solution that can grow with the needs of your site.

Networked or Standalone system, which would be right for me?

The Net2 PaxLock and PaxLock Pro can both be used as part of a Net2 system. This means centralised management from a PC, and the benefit of a range of additional features that come with Net2.

PaxLock Pro can fitted without a network in standalone mode, ideal for smaller sites or those not requiring the additional functionality of an online system. This simpler solution just requires a PaxLock Pro and a pack of access cards or keyfobs.

When do I need a Net 2 Air Bridge?

The Net2Air Bridge uses Paxton’s Net2Air wireless technology to communicate with the Net2 software. The Net2Air Bridge provides the wireless communication link between the PC running Net2 and wireless control units such as the Paxlock Pro. The Bridge uses a site’s LAN which means that multiple Net2Air Bridges can be placed around a site and linked back to the PC.

What is Proximity Compact?

Proximity compact is a single door system. All of the electronics are within the housing of the reader. Compact systems can be installed to many doors over a site, all using the same cards.

Who are Paxton Access Control?

Paxton Access Ltd (Registered in England No. 01879474) has over 30 years of experience of designing and manufacturing security solutions for a range of buildings. Its global head office is based in Brighton: Paxton House, Home Farm Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9HU (Tel: 01273 811011 Email: [email protected]).