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Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath

Avigilon Alta access control solutions use the power of the cloud. These solutions make access easier than ever without compromising on security.

Why choose Avigilon Alta?

  • Are you tired of losing keys or have multiple badges if you work across several sites?
  • Do you find it difficult to manage issuing new cards or fobs to temporary workers or contractors and getting them returned?
  • Do you want  to be able to offer secure but easy access to those maintaining or cleaning your sites?

If the answer to any of these is yes then you need to take a look at the Avigilon Alta access control solution.


Avigilon Alta, (formerly Openpath) access control solution

Avigilon Alta access control delivers reliable keyless, mobile access control with smart video, intercom capabilities and cloud-based software. This software, state-of-the-art hardware and advanced record-keeping technology means easy access for users and effective remote management for site operators and owners. The access control system is created with scalable technologies designed to secure everything from a single door, office, or a global enterprise with multiple buildings.

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Cloud-based software

Instant communication and updates all managed remotely via the cloud.


Modern hardware

Easy-to-install readers and controllers with live video, two-way intercom, and touchless capabilities in a sleek design.


Encrypted credentials

The Avigilon Alta readers support touchless access with smartphones, cards, fobs and Apple watch.

Benefits of Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) Access Control

If you are an organisation that doesn’t want to compromise ease of access for security, Avigilon Alta offers innovative, intelligent access control that automates your security infrastructure, so you can focus on managing your business.

  • Easy, but secure, access for staff, visitors, contractors, delivery driversWave+decron+beacon
  • Centralised access control for easy management of sites nationally and globally
  • Lower costs with automatic system-wide updates
  • Support for unlimited sites, doors, users, roles and groups
  • Site-specific controls for every location and user on a single interface
  • Reduce IT costs with no expensive licensing or software to renew
  • Maintain audit logs of admin portal activity and control who has access to your data
  • Boost productivity by providing instant access credentials in the cloud
  • Seamless integrations with leading video management providers including Avigilon
  • Remote system management: manage your entire database from any web browser, on any device, wherever you are.
  • Integrated video and access control: powerful visual verification with mobile monitoring, remote unlock, and two-way audio.
  • Smart security for every door: complete access control with video, voice activation, turnstile and lift solutions, plus wireless lock integrations.
  • Reduce costs with intuitive software that eliminates the need for a dedicated administrator, and automates processes across IoT-connected devices and sites

Creation of Access Control for the 21st Century

Avigilon Alta LogoOpenpath was founded in 2016 by US technology entrepreneurs  initially using their own funds then expanded further by raising more money through venture capital firm partners. The company quickly won awards in the USA as a fast-growing tech start-up and for its innovative approach to access control. The company was acquired by Motorola Solutions in July 2021. Ecl-ips began offering the Openpath solution in 2022 due to our well-established partnership with Avigilon, which is also part of Motorola Solutions.

In March 2023 Motorola Solutions announced an integration of its cloud-based security and access control solutions into a single brand, Avigilon Alta.  We are excited to offer Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based access control solutions and the on-premise access control system, Access Control Manager, now offered as part of the Avigilon Unity brand.

We and Avigilon Alta take security, privacy, and regulatory matters seriously. The Avigilon Alta hardware meets European compliance standards, and its readers are IP65 rated, which means it has a level of protection against water and dust. Avigilon Alta is also GDPR compliant, demonstrating it treats your data responsibly and meets UK data protection obligations.

Cloud-based access control can support a range of sectors

Retail crime data protection


With high staff turnover in the retail industry, traditional access control solutions are painstaking and costly to administer.  With profit margins narrow the cloud-based system retains security but keeps ongoing costs low.

At the same time theft by staff and shoppers can be a problem and we can integrate this access control solution with Avigilon Alta or Avigilon Unity CCTV to improve security and protect your assets.

  • Improve staff satisfaction: Through the hands-free feature, employees can get into work simply by waving at the reader without taking out their phone.
  • Easy to administer: Simple to add and remove employees with the cloud-based software. Avigilon Alta can integrate with your scheduling system to help manage various employee schedules.
Gym Entry Mullion


With Avigilon Alta, private gym members just need their smartphone to get in. The 24-hour gym entry system can be installed on outside entries, interior doors, and turnstiles to improve security and convenience.

  • Reduce congestion with fast, touchless entry for gyms via wave to unlock feature

  • Eliminate cumbersome sign-in sheets and reduce front-desk staffing requirements

  • Extend gym operating hours without hiring additional staff

  • Backwards compatible with existing gym swipe card entry systems

  • Protect against tailgating and membership fraud

Commercial Property bespoke intruder alarm


Avigilon Alta works across all forms of entry, including parking barriers, lifts and garages. From one building to multiple buildings property managers can install the latest technology with Avigilon Alta which will integrate with other building management systems.

  • Avigilon Alta makes retrofits easy by using existing wiring to reduce your upgrade costs. Plus, it can sit alongside your legacy system and upgrade everyone to mobile credentials while still supporting existing keycards so there is no interruption in experience for current office tenants.
  • With the ability to seamlessly integrate with any commercial access control system already in place or stand alone as a complete solution, Avigilon Alta can completely modernise your building with mobile credentials, hands-free entry, and cloud-based software
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We can provide a complete access control solution with Avigilon Alta. If you would like our advice on this contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need access control?

It allows you to manage your buildings more effectively and keep them more secure. They give you the ability to monitor people entering buildings, or parts of your premises both if you are on site or off site via remote access. With the cloud-based solution offered by Avigilon Alta you will have even more flexibility in the management of access to one or many buildings.

What will I get from the Avigilon Alta access control solution?

The Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) access control solution provides you with a complete package:

  • Modern hardware: including readers and controllers with live video and two-way intercom.
  • Cloud-based software: Instant communication and updates all managed remotely via the cloud.
  • Encrypted credentials: Avigilon Alta readers support touchless access with smartphones, cards, fobs and Apple watch.


What are the benefits of Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) access control?

The main benefits of Avigilon Alta access control are:

  • Fast, reliable patented Triple Unlock technology that supports multiple secure access methods
  • Touchless mobile experience with digital badges, guest passes, and two-way intercom capabilities
  • Secure cloud-based software with remote management and automatic system updates
  • Real-time activity alerts, tracking, and visual monitoring
  • Seamless integrations through its open API (Application Programming Interface) platform
  • Beautifully designed hardware installs effortlessly to support anywhere from a single door to a multi-site enterprise

How does Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) access control make entry easier for managers, staff, visitors and residents?

Avigilon Alta provides a complete mobile experience for those managing access for others and for users:

  • Touchless entry with unique Wave to Unlock capabilities
  • Unlock in the app, with Apple Watch, tablet apps, plus encrypted key card or fobs
  • Easy-to-use mobile app with digital badges and automatic entry detection
  • Digital guest pass for temporary visitor access to the right doors at the right times
  • Remote unlock grants access to any authorised entry, from anywhere in the world

How can you manage access control with the Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) cloud-based solution?

The cloud-based software packages from Avigilon Alta provides various feature sets to fit any size organisation including:

  • Remote management of the entire platform on any web-enabled device, from anywhere
  • Door schedules, enhanced role management, customisable rule-based actions, and zone sharing settings
  • Detailed real-time activity reports with the ability to schedule in advance for regular auditing
  • Flexible lockdown plans with remote activation from any device

Can you have video cameras as part of this access control solution?

Yes you can have unified video and access control with Avigilon’s smart readers which have high-definition video cameras built in. Motorola Solutions have also brought this cloud-based access control solution together with its cloud-based CCTV system into a single brand, Avigilon Alta. In addition you can have:

  • The mobile app for viewing live video and recorded access control events
  • Alerts for access events with live video sent directly to your mobile device
  • Enhanced visibility and control with real-time combined reporting and remote unlock capabilities

Who can benefit from Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) access control?

Anyone who wants an easy-to-use access control solution which takes advantage of the power of the cloud. In particular: users, managers, staff or visitors in schools and colleges; gyms and leisure centres; commercial sites of all types and residential blocks would all benefit from Avigilon Alta.

Who were Openpath?

Openpath was originally founded in 2016 by US technology entrepreneurs initially using their own funds then expanded further by raising more money through venture capital firm partners. The company, based in California, quickly won awards in the USA as a fast-growing tech start-up and for its innovative approach to access control. The company was acquired by Motorola Solutions in July 2021 and in March 2023 its cloud-based access control solution was integrated with its cloud CCTV solution (formerly Ava Security) into a single brand, Avigilon Alta.

We would like an on-premise access control solution what can you offer me?

Ecl-ips is a long-term partner of Avigilon and can offer its on-premise solution, Avigilon Unity Access. Additionally we partner with Paxton Access and can provide a range of its solutions, including Paxton Net2.