Initiate an Appearance Search Video from the H4 Video Intercom can be used with ACC software to quickly initiate a site-wide search for a person of interest.Initiate an Appearance Search Video from the H4 Video Intercom can be used with ACC software to quickly initiate a site-wide search for a person of interest.

Avigilon Unity Access

Access control from Avigilon starts with a platform that can change to meet the needs and ever-changing environment of your business.

The Avigilon on-premise access control solution, Avigilon Unity Access, formerly Access Control Manager, is available for all sizes of organisation and has been developed to keep people, property and assets safe and secure at all times.

This browser-based and mobile-enabled solution allows operators to conveniently manage access and respond to alerts from wherever they are. You can fully integrate the access control system with the Avigilon Unity Video (formerly Avigilon Control Center) software, so you manage your access control and CCTV systems with minimal fuss.

Ecl-ips is a well-established Avigilon partner and the team is fully trained in both Avigilon CCTV and its access control solution as well as its software. Avigilon is now part of Motorola Solutions and all the Avigilon Unity Access, components are designed, prototyped, and built in-house in North America. If you want either just access control or a unified security system we can help.

On-Premise Easy-to-use Access Control

The Avigilon Unity Access solution is built on an open architecture and supporting open-platform hardware that leverages a breadth of trusted products and solutions from leading manufacturers to uniquely fit your needs and provide an end-to-end security solution. DiscoverAccess Control Image a wide array of existing integrations, such as wireless locks, biometrics, intrusion panel management, video verification and visitor management.

This is designed to help you focus on securing your people, property and assets, while giving you the flexibility to respond to alerts wherever you are. It integrates with Avigilon’s CCTV software, Avigilon Unity Video to provide you with a powerful security solution.

Full Product Range Avigilon Unity Access

Secure web-based access control

  • See user ID profile pictures with access control events and alarms, print badges and issue mobile credentials
  • Get audible alerts and coloured indicators to prioritise alarms. View associated video, enter notes and clear alarms in one place
  • Create and add your own maps and dashboards, view and manage all security objects, including identities, doors and alarms.
  • Enables future-proofing: The RESTful API and open-platform hardware support allows for seamless integrations with various industry-leading solutions.
  • Extend access control to locations where physical doors are not feasible by recording and confirming an identity with a PIN.
  • Replication & hot standby: Allows for identity data to be replicated on multiple appliances across sites and ensures your access systems continue to work, uninterrupted, even when there is multiple hardware failure.

Integration with Avigilon Unity Video

  • Integrate Avigilon Unity Access with Avigilon Unity Video (formerly Avigilon Control Center/ACC) so you can proactively monitor and secure sites with a combined CCTV and access control systemrevolutionise your CCTV
  • Streamline identity verification: Quickly check if a person using a badge to gain access matches the profile picture associated with the card and remotely lock/​unlock the door.
  • Find a person’s location based on the doors they tried to access using their access card with  Avigilon Appearance Search
  • View access control events directly on the Focus of Attention interface for potential incidents requiring attention
Avigilon Unity Access App

Unity Access App: Getting control on the move

The intuitive Unity Access app was designed for users to swiftly perform daily operations and respond to critical events, such as a sitewide lockdown, all while on the go.  The content of the app is defined and managed by the site’s administrator to fit your needs. In a single tap you can:

  • Quickly search for a door or a global action and simply tap to grant access
  • Lock/​unlock doors and review their real-time status
  • Search for identities
  • View profile details
  • Change access status

Simplified on-premise access control: Wireless lock integrations

Turn any locked door into a monitored, access controlled door for easier management and enhanced security in and around your premises. Unity Access fully supports a wide range of wireless locks from ASSA ABLOYSALTO and Allegion ‒ Schlage, Simons Voss, Von Duprin.Salto Lock

  • Reduce hardware and wiring costs by directly connecting Unity Access to the wireless locking solutions.

  • Modular design: Customize locks to meet your access control needs and make changes over time while minimizing operational disruptions.
  • Flexible lock configurations: Choose your reader and chassis types, locking functions, power options, lever styles, finishes and more.

Avigilon Unity Access Server

Unity Access Appliances

These Linux-based servers are ready to go as soon as they’re plugged in. You can start with what you need on individual appliances, then add doors to expand as your site grows.

  • Unity Access Enterprise & Enterprise Plus: These appliances are ideal for medium to large systems. Businesses with complex or geographically distributed systems may require multiple appliances to manage access and ensure safety and security in and around their facilities. Unity Access facilitates this by automatically synchronising the access data between appliances.
  • Unity Access Professional: These appliances are suited for small-sized systems with up to 32 readers. They are ideal for businesses looking to start with a small desktop machine and expand as their needs change.
  • Unity Access Virtual: These appliances are designed for organisations that have migrated their IT infrastructure to a secure, private cloud environment.
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Aaron Kernaghan ASC member

Ecl-ips can carry out a thorough assessment to ensure we provide the right access control solution for you. If you need our expertise contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why do I need access control?

Access control allows you to manage your buildings more effectively and keep them more secure. They give you the ability to monitor people entering buildings, or parts of your site both if you are on site or off site via remote access.

How can Ecl-ips help me choose the right access control system?

Ecl-ips can visit you and carry out a thorough assessment to ensure we provide the right access control solution for you. If you need our expertise contact us.

What is Avigilon Unity Access (formerly Avigilon Control Manager/ACM)

This is Avigilon’s on-premise access control solution, which can be developed for larger-scale companies . It is 100% browser-based and requires no software installation.

What are the benefits of Avigilon Unity Access?

This is a simple-to-use browser based access control system which integrates with Avigilon CCTV and SALTO wireless locks. Contact us to find out more.

Can you integrate Avigilon Unity Access with CCTV?

Yes, one of the advantages of choosing Avigilon Unity Access is that it integrates with its CCTV software, Avigilon Unity Video. Uses of its CCTV system will also find the access control system easy to use as it has a similar interface.