Avigilon H6A and H6X Cameras: Taking privacy seriously

Avigilon's smartest cameras are launched

H6a Bullet CameraH6a Bullet Camera

With a lot of concern about the level of surveillance, and the use of object and people recognition, it is exciting to see that the Avigilon H6A and H6X cameras use smart technology to address privacy issues.

The latest CCTV cameras from Avigilon boast dynamic privacy masking meaning people and vehicles are tracked and blurred. However, this can be reversed if the footage is required for investigations by the Police.

Within the UK, data protection is regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and if you have a surveillance camera system you need to be registered with the ICO. The UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) make it clear that while there are circumstances that may mean you need to provide the video surveillance to others, you need to take action to protect people’s privacy if they are not involved in the incident within the CCTV footage. To find out more about your obligations read our blog on redaction.

Meanwhile, for those requiring added privacy protection the Avigilon H6X cameras do not have a built-in microphone nor wireless technology so that audio is not captured. In its guidance on the UK GDPR’s key principles the ICO  makes it clear that audio recording creates added intrusion and should only be activated if it meets a need or issue that can only be addressed in this way. If you would like more support to ensure you are meeting your data protection obligations then you may be interested in the compliance option within CCTV Logbook, which is also a useful asset management tool. You can access this Software as a Service (SaaS) product with a free trial initially.

Wide range of H6A and H6X Cameras

The Avigilon H6A and H6X Cameras are available as dome cameras and bullet cameras, offering a range of resolution strengths of between 2MP and 8MP, so we can provide the right camera to suit your needs and the location.

The H6A Dome’s modular design and multiple mounting options means we can install these cameras in a range of areas. The H6A outdoor dome and the bullet cameras are built to be exceptionally tough and to withstand the harsh elements They have been tried and tested to meet industry standards such as IK10 for impact resistance and IP66/67 for weather resistance.

All the H6X models, and many of the H6A models, have built-in infra-red IR illumination allowing good visibility even in low-light conditions. The bullet camera’s long-range detail makes it perfect for monitoring large sites with crystal clear details and for reading vehicle license plates, even at long distances.

Avigilon’s Cameras get smarter

The Avigilon H6A and H6X cameras come with its AdaptAI video analytics built-in. This means you will be able to quickly recognise critical events happening on your site and respond decisively. The faster you act can be enough to change the outcome of an incident. This means you can:

  • Be alerted of unusual crowds
  • Identify a person crawling
  • Classify more objects such as commercial vans, and a range of lorries

With the H6 cameras, you can also detect abnormal noises such as screaming, breaking glass and, if you purchase an additional licence, gunshots.

All of these features mean you will receive unmatched intelligence on your site so you can make informed decisions in the moments that matter.

We can design a bespoke solution

We are Avigilon Premier Partners having worked with the North American CCTV manufacturer and developer, which is now part of Motorola Solutions, since 2012.

We are therefore specialists in the Avigilon Unity software and have wide experience in installing cameras as well as expertise in designing bespoke systems. We can therefore ensure the Avigilon H6A and/or H6X cameras are placed in the best locations to provide you, and your premises, with the most effective protection.

If you want to know more about H6A or H6X cameras or the rest of the Avigilon camera range then please get in touch, we would be delighted to help.