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Motorola Solutions is an American video equipment, telecommunications equipment, software, systems and services provider that succeeded Motorola, following the spinoff of its mobile phone division in 2011.

Chicago-headquartered Motorola Solutions is a innovative technology company that through its own product development, and the acquisition of other successful brands and manufacturers in the security sector is growing rapidly to offer integrated solutions designed to keep people safe. We partner with Motorola Solutions subsidiary Avigilon – now operating as Avigilon Unity and Avigilon Alta – so we can offer cutting-edge cloud-based and on-premise surveillance and protection solutions to customers in the UK. In 2023 Motorola Solutions acquired IPVideo who we have worked with since 2021.

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Our partnership with CCTV  and access control developer Avigilon predates its acquisition by Motorola Solutions which took place in 2018. Originally founded in Canada, its reliable, but cutting edge, cameras and video recorders are now manufactured across North America.  In March 2023 Motorola Solutions rebranded Avigilon’s legacy products and software as Avigilon Unity.

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Avigilon Alta was formed in March 2023 when Motorola Solutions combined its cloud-based access control and CCTV solutions providers, Openpath and Ava Security. The access control company, Openpath, was founded in 2016 by US technology entrepreneurs  initially using their own funds then expanded further by raising more money through venture capital firm partners. The company was acquired by Motorola Solutions in July 2021. Ava Security began in 2018 with a small core group of engineers who got together to find an industry where they could merge innovation, passion, and simplicity to help people reach their greatest potential.  Ava Security was acquired by Motorola Solutions in March 2022.

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US manufacturer of the HALO Smart Sensor, IPVideo harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver a range of open platform physical security, sensor and audio/visual solutions. It aims to design and manufacture solutions for a smarter and safer world.

We began working with IPVideo so that we could offer its HALO Smart Sensors in the UK market as we identified how important its vape detection capabilities would be, particularly for schools.