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HKC Intruder AlarmHKC Intruder Alarm

Customer: Cattani ESAM (UK) LtdCattani Esam Image

Location: Stoke Prior, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Requirement: Cattani needed to upgrade and expand its intruder alarm system and wanted to take advantage of advances in technology. A monitored alarm system was also required. Additionally, improvements were needed for the existing Avigilon CCTV system supplied by Ecl-ips.

Solution: Ecl-ips designed and installed a wired Grade 2 intruder alarm system using a HKC 10270 Control Panel; HKC internal and external sounders; Orisec dual technology detectors which incorporate passive infra-red and microwave sensors; Orisec twin movement detectors and Grade 3 surface-mounted magnetic door contacts.
Avigilon H4 Bullet Cameras were also installed.


  • Installation of the HKC Security alarm system, which includes 12 months maintenance and support.
  • Remote monitoring by our compliant Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of the Avigilon CCTV system.

Customer’s View:

“The new system is easy to use and now covers all areas of our property the previous company omitted. The intruder warning and recall of the video is superb. Gives us great peace of mind.”


Cattani ESAM (UK) is based in Stoke Prior, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. The company supplies leading-edge, high-quality dental vacuum suction systems, compressors, amalgam separators, suction tips and adaptors, disinfectant and sanitising products.

The company also provides technical solutions consulting, training courses, a reliable maintenance support and parts service, plus laboratory dust extraction, vacuum and chiropody systems.

Cattani Esam needed to upgrade and expand their intruder alarm system and improve the coverage of their surveillance camera system. As the company’s stock is of a high value Ecl-ips designed and installed a bespoke Grade 2 security alarm system.

Grade 2 intruder alarm systems are designed to give a high level of protection and are recommended for commercial sites like Cattani Esam’s premises where stock is held on site. They are designed to combat burglars with some knowledge of alarm systems and who may have tools to help them to gain entry to the site. The intruder alarm system protects all potential entry points of a building perimeter.

To support the ongoing security of the Cattani Esam we also installed Avigilon H4 Bullet cameras to improve its CCTV system. The company has licences for the Avigilon’s enterprise level of its video management system, Avigilon Unity Video (formerly Avigilon Control Center), which they have taken out via a three-year plan, allowing them to benefit from improvements to the software in a timely manner, and at a predictable cost over time.

Creating an effective intruder alarm system

We created a bespoke intruder alarm system using supplies from our two main alarm partners, HKC Security and Orisec.

HKC Security, part of ASSA ABLOY, is an Irish intruder alarm manufacturer, which offers a range of advanced high-quality products. The company supplied the control panels as well as the internal and external sounders.

HKC customers benefit from the HKC SecureComm App, which gives them control over their intruder system so it can be armed and disarmed remotely.

We supplied Orisec dual technology detectors in a range of locations throughout the premises to provide maximum protection. This included within the company’s warehouse, workshop and offices. In this installation, we installed detectors which incorporate passive infra-red and microwave sensors. Additionally, Orisec supplied the Grade 3 surface-mounted magnetic door contacts. All these products from Orisec are manufactured in the UK.

Cattani Esam also needed the added peace of mind of remote monitoring by our NSI-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This means the system has a unique reference number, URN. This has been registered with the Police so that Cattani Esam can receive a response from them, if the ARC believes this is required.

A smooth installation of Avigilon cameras and intruder alarm systemH4 ES Bullet Camera

Commenting on the provision of the Avigilon H4 bullet cameras, Peter Bailey said, “The installation went without a hitch, the cameras were placed exactly where we wanted them without being intrusive, however visible enough to deter unwanted intruders.”

He added, “Your engineers were very professional and knowledgeable, very tidy and courteous at all times.”

Ecl-ips is a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold company and we follow the strict standards that relate to intruder alarm systems so our customers can be confident that they are reliable. The installation for Cattani Esam was in compliance of, PD6662:2017, the UK implementation of BS EN50131-1, NSI Codes of Practice and BS 8243:2010+A1:2014. The site survey and risk assessment were carried out in accordance with the BS EN 50131-7. The ARC monitoring via a dual path ATS certified to BSEN 50136-12012 at DP3.

Peter Bailey said, if you are looking to have a security system installed you should: “Have some idea what you require to help the correct systems to be installed, talk in detail to your installer about any concerns about the different systems available.”

Result: Cattani Esam has an effective security system incorporating CCTV and intruder alarms  as well as remote monitoring, via our ARC. A police response can be called on, if required

Benefits: The advanced Avigilon CCTV system, and upgraded intruder alarm system means Cattani Esam has all of its premises covered.

 Download a copy of the Cattani Esam Case Study PDF.