Avigilon H5A IR PTZ camera: Helping you see in the dark

We can help you make the most of these advanced cameras

Avigilon H5a Ir Ptz2 Blue BackgroundAvigilon H5a Ir Ptz2 Blue Background

If you are responsible for the security of a large property that needs protecting day and night, but fixed auxiliary lighting would be inappropriate or just too expensive, we can offer you the Avigilon H5A IR PTZ (Pan, Tilt Zoom) camera.

H5A IR PTZ camera: Expanding the range of sight

This could be for the grounds of a residential property, a school or college campus with sports fields, or a commercial or public sector site with expansive car parks or scattered buildings. All of these types of spaces would benefit from the H5A IR PTZ camera which empowers you to see more in the dark and help keep all your property secure.

The Avigilon H5A IR PTZ camera offers an automated IR illumination range of up to 300 metres, ensuring the area is consistently illuminated.  Additionally, the camera’s ability to look up 20 degrees above the horizon means it provides more coverage than a typical PTZ.

The camera is available in 2, 4 and 8 MP, the H5A IR PTZ delivers 360-degree views, up to 40x zoom and high-resolution imaging for superior visibility of vast sites in the most challenging lighting. This means it can pick up trespassers on your site that could be intent on vandalism, stealing a vehicle or entering your property to commit a burglary.

The H5A IR PTZ is also manufactured to be robust to take on the outdoors with its ability to resist water, corrosion, dust and impact.

Boasting AI-powered analytics

Advanced AI-powered video analytics embedded in the camera means it can detect a wide range of vehicles and people and it will automatically track objects in its zone of vision enabling you to provide a faster response. The H5A IR PTZ camera boasts machine learning capabilities so can identify objects from defined classifications and being taught by example.

To have the optimum benefits of the Avigilon H5A IR PTZ camera, such as object detection, you will need to have the latest versions of the Avigilon Unity Video software, formerly known as Avigilon Control Center.  However, the camera is ONVIF S, T & G conformant, which means it has a number of key features for IP-based video systems, so that it can integrate with other ONVIF compliant systems.

In addition to the camera’s built-in video analytics the Avigilon Unity Video software offers a range of features that will further enhance the security of your property. These include:

  • Focus of Attention Interface: A cutting-edge user interface for live video monitoring that leverages AI and video analytics technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators.
  • Avigilon Appearance Search: Locate a person or vehicle by entering a physical description, uploading a photo or finding an example in recorded video.
  • Facial Recognition: Accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest on a secure watch list or on watch lists.

The latest version of the software, Avigilon Unity Video 8, has recently been launched which further enhances your ability to act quickly to a security event due to its AdaptAI Analytics.

We are premier partners with Avigilon and are experienced in the software and their cameras so we can work with you to find out if the H5A IR PTZ is the right solution for you or recommend the perfect cameras for your site.  We can help to upgrade your existing CCTV system, or develop a new bespoke system, to enable you to have the latest advanced surveillance. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.