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Step into the next era of physical security with Avigilon Unity Video.



Discover Avigilon’s most advanced on-premise, end to-end video management software (VMS), offering higher reliability, accuracy and human-like reasoning. Unity Video merges Avigilon’s time-tested, AI-powered VMS (Avigilon Control Center) with advanced cloud-managed features, enabling effortless management of multiple sites and users, unified login for all applications and a single installer for software updates.

You can elevate your situational awareness with Avigilon’s most powerful edge analytics platform, AdaptAI, to detect potentially critical events such as unusual crowds and flag auditory disturbances.

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

  • Effortless software updates: Installing and updating software is made easy and efficient with a single installer
  • Unity Privilege Management: Easily manage users across all of your organisation’s sites, including their access to video and more.
  • One login for all: Simple and hassle-free management of all aspects of your video security system with a single unified login.

Act on critical events using AdaptAI Analytics

  • Focus of Attention Interface: A cutting-edge user interface for live video monitoring that leverages AI and video analytics technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators.
  • Avigilon Appearance Search: Locate a person or vehicle by entering a physical description, uploading a photo or finding an example in recorded video.
  • Audio Analytics: Be notified of auditory disturbances such as gunshots, breaking glass, alarms, dog barks, ultrasound and more.
  • Crowd Detection: Receive real-time alerts of unusual crowds or when the number of people exceeds the threshold for crowd size.
  • Facial Recognition: Accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest on a secure watch list or on watch lists.
  • License Plate Recognition: Automatically read vehicle number plates and link them to live and recorded video.
  • Avigilon Unity Access unification: Confirm the identity of the person entering your premises with a seamless integration with Unity Access.

Unity Video Mobile app: access your camera systems on the go

  • Gain a holistic view of your site alerts from the app’s home screen
  • Create and customise your video views through saved views
  • Obtain situational awareness of your site by checking the recently viewed camera feeds
  • Switch between organisations and sites that you have access to

Avigilon Decision Management System

  • Single-screen interface: View threats and alerts faster with a single screen interface that integrates with Avigilon UnityAlta and Orchestrate (the cloud-based security workflow manager from Motorola Solutions).
  • Simplified decision-making: Walk operators through each step of an incident and simplify interaction with security devices with the Operator Guide.
  • Collaborative incident reporting: Effortlessly review automated incident reports with detailed steps, images, videos and operator actions in one place.

Avigilon Unity Video software editions

  • Core: Perfect for small businesses
  • Standard: Available for medium-sized enterprises via a cost-effective subscription
  • Enterprise: Take full advantage of all the features of the software which is perfect for large scale enterprises

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