Ava Quad CCTV camera: A flexible cloud multisensor

We can provide our expertise to help you get the most out of this advanced camera

Ava Quad Mounting CornerAva Quad Mounting Corner

The Ava Quad CCTV camera is the security industry’s first true cloud multisensor. The advantage of the AI-powered Ava Quad is that you can gain more CCTV coverage with fewer cameras.

Covering a wider area with fewer cameras

The adjustable sensors and zoom lenses deliver complete coverage for up to four different areas over wide outdoor or indoor areas, such as large crossroads, car parks, school grounds, university campuses, and stadiums.

The Ava Quad camera features four independent 5MP sensors with multi-exposure line-based HDR capabilities that allow it to deliver excellent image quality in areas with high contrast lighting. The Quad camera is made from robust, high-quality materials, is vandal-resistant and comes with a 10-year warranty.

As a cloud camera you get the advantage of easy remote access, flexible storage that scales with your organisation, and easy maintenance without the need to worry about centralised storage or analytics servers, which need to be separately purchased, configured, and maintained.

Like all the Ava cameras the Quad is designed and developed in Norway and the UK and manufactured in Taiwan.

Ava Aware: the video management software that keeps improving

Meanwhile, the video management software Ava Aware keeps the camera up to date and the camera performance will improve over time with software updates from the cloud.

The key features of the Ava Aware that will improve the surveillance and protection of your property and people within it include:

  • Always on analytics
  • Flexibility to get the best camera views
  • Number plate recognition
  • Occupancy counting
  • Remote access to the CCTV system with the Ava app

All this means the Quad’s powerful video and audio analytics enable you to be proactive and detect threats before they turn into incidents.

The benefits of choosing Ecl-ips for an Ava installation

We are established designers of bespoke CCTV systems and can ensure that your Ava Quad is located in the right positions to take advantage of its superior features. We can also advise on other models of Ava cameras and where best to place them.

We are now full partners with Ava and are familiar with its video management system, Ava Aware. This means you will get a reliable installation and set up of the software. We will also ensure that you are confident in using the system. As an NSI-Gold installer we are assessed regularly to ensure that we meet high standards and to ensure that you can trust us when you choose Ecl-ips for your CCTV installation.

To find out more about the Ava Quad and the other Ava cameras please get in touch. We would be pleased to discuss the Ava CCTV options and arrange a free site visit.