Avigilon H5A Modular Camera

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The Avigilon H5A Modular Camera is designed for areas with limited space or that require a discreet and unobtrusive monitoring solution. This makes it perfect for a range of places such as cash machines, retail checkout counters, hotel reception desks, police interview rooms, or building entrances.


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The modular design of this camera offers you the ability to mix and match different resolutions and lens types to suit your site’s coverage needs.

As part of the camera package you will receive the 2 Port H5A Modular Main Unit and a choice of fixed lens micro-bullet imager modules with 3MP or 5MP resolution or a fixed pin-hole lens right-angle image module with a 3MP resolution.

Small And Discreet

The H5A Modular camera’s lightweight and distributed design allows it to be installed in almost any indoor or outdoor environment. The Wide Dynamic Range of the camera helps ensure clear image details in areas with strong backlight.

Flexible Installation

There are detachable cables with multiple length options giving us lots of flexibility for positioning the camera’s imager modules for ideal scene coverage. This means we can help you get the best out of these small, but powerful, cameras.

Built-In Analytics & AI Capabilities

Like the other H5A cameras this product comes embedded (in the main modular unit) with Avigilon’s next-generation video analytics for enhanced object detection and classification, along with Unusual Activity Detection to flag atypical events. If you integrate the camera with Avigilon’s powerful Avigilon Control Center 7 video management software you will be able to quickly identify people of interest with its support for facial recognition and locate a person or vehicle across a site with appearance search support.

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3.0, 5.0

Lens Type

3.7mm, 2.8mm

Focal Length

f/2.5, f/2.0

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