Avigilon Alta LPR: Improving security and traffic flow

We can offer this advanced cloud solution

Ava Aware LPRAva Aware LPR

If you need to control entry to your property or car park, allow access to only authorised vehicles, or want to ensure that you can track vehicles in case of incidents at drive-throughs, then automatic number plate or licence plate recognition (LPR) can help you do this more easily.

The Avigilon Alta, formerly Ava Security, Aware cloud solution enables us to offer LPR without you needing dedicated cameras it as comes as standard as part of the video management software. Often your existing IP cameras can simply be linked to Aware and you will have LPR capability but if not, we can offer you the Avigilon Alta Bullet or Dome. Once your camera is installed in a suitable location for monitoring vehicular traffic, you only need a valid dedicated license to enable LPR on the device.

With the LPR you will know everything about the traffic entering your property so all number plates will be detected. It means you can quickly create lists of number plates and catalogue events for easy searches.

Avigilon Aware LPR uses the latest technology to read license plates and transcribe the numbers into a searchable entry and it integrates with your existing access control systems so you can automate new or existing processes. Due to its machine learning capabilities, it is able to adapt and categorise events to improve its performance.

You can also quickly investigate vehicles of interest. Ava Aware LPR enables you to easily identify parking offenders, enforce compliance, and search for number plates. Additionally, you can use vehicle similarity searching for number plate data to get more accurate results. Find out more in this video:

Key Benefits of Aviglion Alta LPR:

  • Improve and maintain car park security by monitoring the vehicles entering and leaving
  • Enhance your gate-guarded entry: Avigilon Alta LPR can approve vehicles and permit entry and this can be integrated with your access control system
  • Use rule-based detections to open the entry barrier for vehicles that are registered on a predetermined list. If needed, the system triggers alarms when vehicles on a blocklist are detected.
  • Integrate and extend LPR capabilities to your existing cameras, both third-party devices and Ava Cameras. You will no longer need specialised LPR devices to cover your needs, only an LPR license for each security camera.
  • Improve your logistics operations buy managing entry permissions, tracking arrival and departure times, locating vehicles on site, and speeding up investigations in case of lost or damaged goods.
  • Make your drive-through safer and route traffic with ultimate efficiency.
  • Improved searching: identify parking offenders, enforce compliance, and speed up investigations by accurately searching for all historical detections of license plates of interest.
  • Always have the most up-to-date version of LPR and access to new features as Avigilon Aware is cloud-based.

How we can help

We are well-established CCTV experts that have been partnered with Avigilon for over a decade and partnered with Ava Security when it also became a Motorola Solutions company. We can help ensure your cameras are placed in the right locations and configure devices so you make the most of the Aware LPR technology. To find out more or to book a site visit contact us.