APC “Server Room in a Box!”

A key “Infrastruxure for Small IT” Solution is Updated to Meet Emerging Challenges in the Distributed IT Space.

APC by Schneider Electric has announced the launch of an upgraded version of its NetShelter CX ‘Server Room in a Box’ solution, designed to help businesses keep up with changes in the small IT Infrastructure space. NetShelter CX is a soundproofed server cabinet that allows IT to be deployed anywhere instantly, saving space, cost and time.

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Enhanced Solution for Changing IT Needs

The NetShelter CX ‘Server Room in a Box’ facilitates the deployment of IT equipment within the open office, significantly reducing the capital and running costs associated with operating a traditional server room. David O’Coimin, Solution Offer Manager for APC by Schneider Electric said, “Advancements and increased adoption of Cloud Computing solutions as well as Virtualisation and Consolidation strategies for IT are driving a reduction in the requirement for physical infrastructure associated with IT in smaller premises such as satellite and branch offices, SMBs and retailers.

Upgraded Features

Designed to look at home with other office furniture, the ‘Server Room In A Box’ is already equipped with built-in soundproofing, power distribution, ventilation and mobility. The new and evolved NetShelter CX boasts a series of updates which enhance security and networking features including full-lockability, upgraded latching for additional tamper-resistance, improved accessibility with hinging and removable side doors and rear ventilation units. In addition, the 4-Post EIA Spec rack has been mounted on full depth rails to accommodate extreme server depth requirements.

The rack can also be relocated within the enclosure, allowing, e.g., the cable accessory tray to be installed in the rear instead of the front, and additional tool-less APC accessories to be easily added. This will provide significant benefits for cabling applications, which will become more frequent as the CX is deployed as a Networking Closet as well as a Server Cabinet, or a mix of the two.

There is also now a document holder on the inside of one of the cabinet doors to allow users to store equipment manuals and their own documentation such as network cable locations and maintenance check lists.

NetShelter CX has recently become a cornerstone of Infrastruxure for Small IT, a new Schneider Electric initiative which highlights issues specific to the distributed or small IT environment and offers solutions to meet them. Schneider Electric has identified 12 challenges facing businesses when deploying IT outside the data centre. The NetShelter CX is one of the innovative solutions presented within their new Solution Guides, in particular where speed of deployment or lack of space are an issue.

“The physical on-premise IT infrastructure footprint is changing for businesses in the UK,” said David O’Coimin,  “and we are seeing demand for NetShelter CX for a range of applications in Retail, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, AV and just about anywhere where IT needs deploying, but there is little appetite, budget or space to provide a dedicated room. With these new features in place, we now expect to see use of the CX increase where security is an issue, such as in Retail Banking or where IT is installed in public areas. With its enhanced internal flexibility, NetShelter CX is now a key component for any Networking Solution, and that’s the key word here – solution. The NetShelter CX is essentially a vehicle for our partners and customers to build smart, efficient small IT solutions, and to keep them quiet of course”

About Schneider Electric InfraStruxure for Small IT Spaces

Schneider Electric is the Global specialist in Energy Management, providing solutions for power and control, critical power, energy efficiency, automation and renewable energy from plant to plug.

In May 2012 Schneider Electric launched the first-ever physical IT infrastructure offering for businesses in the UK. The new InfraStruxure for Small IT Solution enables those managing IT in office spaces to deploy and manage critical IT infrastructures in small environments, built on capabilities previously available only to large enterprises

The Netshelter CX provides a flexible, secure, soundproofed home for data centre technology within the open office space, dramatically reducing the capital and running costs associated with operating a traditional server room.

Further information is available on the Server Room in a Box – NetShelter CX page, alternatively get in touch.