Efficient Energy Management Systems from MelRok

Reduce your energy costs

Dr. Michel Kamel, CEO of MelRok explains the importance of monitoring and managing your energy consumption.

Ecl-ips who are partners to MelRok can help you discover where your company is wasting or inefficiently using its energy by conducting a thorough onsite survey and installing monitoring hardware and software. This in turn can be analyzed to produce various reports identifying where you can reduce your energy costs.

Energy Gap looming in 2016

According to Ofgem, ‘Britain’s energy system is struggling under the pressure of the closure of ageing power stations and tough environmental targets’.  In addition to this the Government has now released details of an Energy Gap looming in 2016.

The UK is going to have to start being smarter with their energy consumption – Luckily with the new technology that we have available to us, this can be managed.

MelRok, led by CEO Dr. Michel Kamel, Ph.D, Stanford is a leading Energy Technology company delivering unparalleled cost effective cloud energy technology for EM&V that reduces Time-of-Use (TOU) and Peak Energy penalty charges. MelRok’s patented EnergiStream Cloud Gateway is an open source technology that transforms raw energy data from Building Energy Management systems, Submeters, Sensors, and utility Smart meters, into actionable steps for unprecedented energy cost reductions.

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