Eglinton Primary School and Early Years Centre

Eglinton Primary

'HD CCTV system has made the school site much more secure’

Customer: Eglinton Primary School and Early Years Centre

Location: South East London

Requirement: HD CCTV System to upgrade the school’s security provision and allow its security team to make full use of the system both within the school and remotely.

Solution: Avigilon H4A & SL Cameras, Avigilon Server, Avigilon Workstation, Avigilon Control Centre Video Management Software

Services: Design, installation, configuration and ongoing support and maintenance

Customer’s View: “We can see the whole school site from one screen, we know what has triggered alarms and we can go back to check on incidents should we need to. Being able to access the system from anywhere has also made life much simpler as not everything out of hours requires a visit to the school anymore.” Faustina Challans, Business Manager, Eglinton Primary School

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