Feel safer in your home with a Partizan Wireless Doorbell

Take a look at our special offer for this wireless doorbell fitted with a 2MP camera


If you want to feel safer in your home a wireless doorbell fitted with a camera is a perfect solution. We are selling the Myers Wireless Doorbell made by Partizan at the price of £100 + VAT.

Features of the Wireless Doorbell from Partizan

The Myers Wireless Doorbell from Partizan is fitted with a 2MP camera; a powerful built-in battery; a built-in microphone and speaker and SD card support.

When you buy the doorbell, you will also receive a mounting bracket; charging cable, the necessary fixings and an optional internal chime.

Other useful features:

  • Charges fast, lasts months
  • Fast wake-up from sleep mode
  • Outdoor/Indoor weatherproof with IP65 rating
  • Ability to receive Partizan’s mobile app support.

Don’t forget your data protection responsibilities

Wireless doorbells fitted with cameras have been incredibly popular and we are pleased to offer this solution. However, a recent court judgement, following a dispute between two neighbours in Thame, Oxfordshire which centred on the privacy of one of them, has reinforced the legal obligations householders have when they install cameras and audio recording equipment, of any kind on their property.

As we have outlined in a previous blog if your doorbell camera, or indeed any CCTV camera, captures images of people outside the boundary of your home you need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies in the UK, tailored by the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018. This means you need to check whether any of the images captured show any of your neighbours’ homes or gardens, any shared spaces, a public footpath or your street.

In the judgement Judge Melissa Clarke was particularly concerned about the use of audio recording which she decided was clearly flouting the right of others to have privacy as it was picking up information about them and gathering data of events that were happening beyond the defendant’s boundary.

Judge Clarke found that the defendant in the case should be should be viewed as a “data controller”, and that his actions would therefore mean he could be fined under the DPA 2018.

Follow good practice when fitting doorbells and cameras

You need to remember that a wireless doorbell like this is a form of CCTV. If a camera, and an audio recorder, is only picking up sound or images within your property you do not have to be concerned. However, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), that polices the DPA 2018, recommends that if you are considering a system with auto-recording it should be disabled as this can be very intrusive.

To ensure any disputes between neighbours are minimised the ICO also suggests that you speak to them about any cameras that you are fitting and explain what you are doing and listen to any objections or concerns they may have.

While more people are having these doorbells fitted you need to understand your obligations and how everyone’s right to privacy applies to you.

Partizan Wireless Doorbell offer

If you want to know more about the Myers wireless doorbell from Partizan which we now have on offer at £100 + VAT; would like more advice on data protection or more information on other security options we have for homeowners, please contact us.