Introducing the Avigilon Edge Recording Solution

Avigilon Edge Recorder

Hi my name is Steve from Ecl-ips Monitoring Solutions, and I’d like to introduce to you the Avigilon Edge Recorder, which is available in a 2 or 4TB model.

The Avigilon Edge recorder is an innovative addition to the Avigilon solution, enabling you to record locally, monitor centrally and manage remotely.

The Edge recorder is an All-in-one solution perfect for un-manned or remote sites. Serving as a network PoE switch, a server, and storage, coming fully loaded with Avigilon control centre and able to support the full Avigilon camera range from 1 to 30MP and also supports video analytics.

Designed for organizations with multiple sites and critical assets requiring protection and monitoring, the Edge Solution eliminates bandwidth issues for centralized monitoring of remote sites, by storing video locally near the camera so you can easily view it remotely from your central location.

Combined with high definition cameras with self-learning analytics, the Edge Recorder becomes a powerful and intelligent remote monitoring solution. For facilities with existing investments in non-analytic IP cameras, the Edge Analytics Appliance adds self-learning analytics to any connected video stream—IP camera or encoder.

The Edge recorder also comes with 4 analogue inputs and 2 outputs these can be connected to additional sensors or used to control lights and other 3rd party devices.

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