MOBOTIX Launches Lowlight Exposure Optimization – MxLEO And New DoorStation Hardware

Mobotix launches the new Lowlight Exposure Optimization (MxLEO) software and new hardware for its building automation/home automation offering.

The MxLEO is part of the latest Mobotix firmware 4.1.9 that also includes support for Hemispheric 5 Megapixel technology sensor modules.

“MxLEO is the latest in Mobotix image enhancing technology,” says Dr. Ralf Hinkel, founder and CEO of Mobotix AG. “The main benefits for all Mobotix users are that our camera solutions now offer a dramatically enhanced sharpness of images, considerably less noise in these images, extremely user-friendly light settings in the camera(s), optimized recording and alarm results using the added MxActivitySensor intelligence. All these benefits in low-light conditions are made possible through the new Mobotix 5 Megapixel technology”.

Mobotix is adamant that one of the most important criteria for a security camera is to offer high-quality images no matter what.

Comparison Between Two Mobotix Images At 0.7 Lux

Mobotix MxLeo         Mobotix MxLeo Corrected


Further information is available on the Mobotix Cameras page, alternatively get in touch.