Mobotix p26 Indoor Ceiling Camera

The Mobotix p26 Indoor Ceiling camera features a 6MP Moonlight sensor to be able to provide a good quality low-light image in every indoor environment.

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The P26 Mobotix Indoor Ceiling Camera features a 6MP Moonlight sensor to be able to provide a good quality of light performance in any indoor situation.

The p26 is a ceiling camera with manual pan/tilt functionality guaranteeing that installation is easier. The p26 camera comes with a wide range of lens choices meaning you can have an angle of view between 15-180 degrees. The p26 is a very quick camera to install in a suspended ceiling as it can hold onto ceiling tiles by 3 spring clips. The p26 indoor camera can also replace up to four conventional CCTV cameras if placed correctly with the ultra-wide angle lens as it can record an entire space with no blind spots.

  • Standalone: Full functionality @ zero bandwidth
  • Video Sensor: MxActivitySensor reducing false alarms
  • Event Recording: Onboard (SD card) & direct to NAS
  • MxAnalytics: Heat map & people counting
  • Alarm Notification: E-mail, FTP & VoIP (SIP)
  • Communication: Two-way audio option
  • Power: Standard PoE below 4W

The p26 camera is very time and cost efficient, due to the fact its simple to install as you only need 3 clips to be able to install it in a suspended ceiling. Its cost efficient if equipped with the hemispheric lens as if its placed in a single corner it can record the entire area with no blind-spots meaning you may need up to 3 less conventional 45 degree CCTV cameras.

Additional information

Angle of View

103°, 15°, 180°, 31°, 45°, 60°, 90°, Lens Sold Separately

Day or Night

Day, Night

Lens/Sensor Type

B016 Fisheye, B036 Ultra Wide, B061 Wide, B079 Standard, B119 Tele, B237 Distant Tele, None



Number of Lenses


ONVIF Compliant


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