Melrok Power Monitoring

The MelRok Energy IoT platform communicates with your existing energy management system and all your energy devices.

MelRok Energy IoT Platform

Melrok has three technologies on a single platform: Touch, Touch Pro and Energistream which allows for cloud energy information storage.

Melrok is using the cloud to transform the way energy is managed. From a robust, scalable, secure and real time fast cloud storage and search infrastructure, to built-in real time analytics, reporting and alert engines: the MelRok energy cloud sets the standard for the next generation of energy cloud applications.

Energy applications include: energy benchmarking, energy baselines, advanced energy profiling, portfolio demand management, automated demand response, peak demand management, carbon footprint management, energy cost analysis, automated anomaly detection, TOU management, dispatchable demand and dispatchable renewables.

The MelRok cloud offers unlimited storage of, and access to, energy information. It includes a complete set of published APIs to allow for secure and automated access of data by authorised systems.

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