The VeryPC core product ranges are the PCs made in Sheffield. Ultra small, small, slimline and tower PCs and workstations designed to deliver fantastic performance with incredible energy efficiency.

VeryPC  is an IT company based in Sheffield specialising in hardware and solutions for education, business and the public sector. VeryPC make their own PCs, integrate servers to order, provide support services and supply third party products from our extensive portfolio of vendor partners.

Any built product can be customised to suit your specifications, or we can collaborate with you to design and configure a solution that meets your requirements, even if you’re not sure what that solution is just yet. The combined experience of our salespeople and technicians, never fail to provide the answer you need and the value you can afford.

In 2009 VeryPC set itself the task of creating the most sustainable PC on the planet, which led to the birth of its flagship range of products, the Broadleaf desktop PCs.