Door stations with integrated cameras have been around for years. They are almost always based on analogue TV technology that is over 60 years old and, because of the system involved, can only deliver very low image quality. Such systems only enable limited two-way communication. The station is installed using a complex cabling and power supply system.

Mobotix Door Communications product range based on the international VoIP/SIP video telephony standard. The doorbell triggers a network connection to a video telephone or to a computer. Thanks to a 3.1 megapixel camera with a hemispheric lens, the entire overall scene outside the house door can be viewed. The image section to be viewed can be selected directly from the telephone via virtual PTZ without physically moving the camera lens.

Mobotix T25 Door Station View


The door station records all the exterior activities with sound. It can be triggered automatically by the doorbell, motion sensors or electrical contacts. The door station and opener can be powered from a power cable or directly from the double-core doorbell cable (only with the optional new Mx2wire Extension Set). This way, any existing door intercom system can be easily upgraded to a versatile access control system based around a multifunctional high-resolution MOBOTIX camera.

The IP Video Door Station from MOBOTIX offers a modern, powerful solution that is easy to install and that has never been available to the market until now.

  • Two-way video around the world
  • Allround view with no blind spots
  • Recording with sound
  • Keyless access
  • Integrated message function
  • Very simple installation
Mobotix T25 Door Station Brochure

Mobotix T25 Door Station Brochure

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