ACC7: How it can revolutionise your CCTV

Ecl-ips can offer advanced video management software that will make surveillance more efficient than ever

revolutionise your CCTVrevolutionise your CCTV

If you’re looking to revolutionise your CCTV system, Avigilon Control Center 7 (ACC7) , used along with Avigilon’s H5A cameras, will mean whatever the situation, dangerous incidents or challenging events happening around your organisation’s site they will be dealt with properly and, where necessary, in a timely manner.

Currently, if you own or manage a large retail or warehouse space keeping track of all the vehicles and people can be challenging and monitoring the site for unusual activity could be time-consuming if you’re relying on security guards or outdated CCTV.

Revolutionise your CCTV: Make sense of and act on what you see

ACC7 makes the life of a CCTV operator easier thanks to its Focus of Attention interface which redefines the experience for monitoring live video. It helps increase operator effectiveness by providing an overview of events occurring across all cameras in the site. By providing triggers and alarms for events such as motion detection or alerting you if a camera has failed, those monitoring your CCTV can quickly prioritise how to deal with the incident and can review live and recorded video to determine if a response is required.

ACC 7 has the option of picking dark mode which helps to reduce eye strain and improve user experience in dark environments, such as video security control rooms.

Viewing your footage on ACC7 has now also been made easier than ever with the launch of Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) which is available for all users if you have ACC 7.4 or a higher version of the video management software installed.

ACS allows you to use a Chrome or safari browser to access camera lists, view live and recorded video, control PTZ movements, export snapshots and video on MP4 format. Users have the ability to access both their camera views and bookmark views. By cloud-connecting now, customers will also benefit from continuous innovation as Avigilon adds features like centralised system health monitoring and maintenance services.

Additionally, you can access ACC7 via a mobile device if you have an internet connection by using ACC Mobile 3.

Enhanced analytics: Identifying people and vehicles in a variety of situations

ACC 7 introduced an enhanced analytical feature that not only puts people and vehicle in boxes to highlight them, it also shows you what the subject is by putting a car or a person symbol at the top of the box.

Meanwhile Avigilon Appearance Search sorts through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.  While investigating critical events, time is of the essence, and security operators are often provided physical descriptions of the people involved. Operators can initiate a search for a person by selecting certain specific physical descriptions, including clothing colour and gender, to find a person of interest.

The quick search capabilities of Avigilon Appearance Search technology enable operators to scan vast amounts of recorded video, efficiently grouping video data to help track a person’s or vehicle’s route, identify a previous and last-known location, and assist investigations.

Avigilon’s next generation video analytics also provides enhanced performance in crowded spaces with the ability to classify more than 50 objects with improved accuracy. Different types and colours of vehicles can also be identified.

Facial recognition: Finding people with more accuracy than ever

If you have ACC 7.4 or a higher version of the software this will revolutionise your CCTV system through its facial recognition technology which allows you to create multiple watch lists and you can upload photographs to add an individual to a watch list.  Avigilon have also added watch list profiles that can be created using an uploaded in addition to a snapshot from recorded video or an Avigilon Appearance Search result. Up to 500 names can be added to each appearance watch list which means even on the biggest of sites security can be managed more pro-actively.

Face recognition matching is now done at the full resolution for H5A cameras for improved performance. Separate licenses are required for Face Recognition on a per-camera basis. Cameras will seek to identify potential matches based on the watch list. If a potential match is found, the user is alerted within the ACC software, and security personnel can then determine whether further investigation or action is necessary.

Revolutionise your CCTV system: How we can help you 

Ecl-ips is a well-established Avigilon partner and its engineering team have extensive experience of the ACC software and Avigilon cameras. If you want to understand ACC7 for yourself we offer a 1-week free trial. In the trial we’ll supply and install up to two high resolution IP Avigilon cameras or an encoder and an Appliance with all of the software needed to show you how the system works.

If you are looking to revolutionise your CCTV and want to know more please contact us.