Avigilon H4 Edge Solution Camera Timelapse

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H4 Edge Solution BulletH4 Edge Solution Bullet

Watch how this timelapse video takes you through a kitchen/diner conversion.  Using just one camera we created this video to show the before and after transformation. If you want a camera for a special project we can assess your needs and provide a solution for you. This timelapse video was created using a Avigilon H4 Edge Solution Camera.

The Avigilon H4 Edge Solution Camera is so easy to use just plug it in and away you go.  The camera line combines high-definition imaging, self-learning video analytics, network video recorder functionality, and embedded Avigilon Control Center video management software to create an all-in-one intelligent surveillance solution.

Within this solution the camera records video directly to an onboard solid-state drive, eliminating the need for a separate network video recorder, thus reducing installation and system costs.

The camera provides unique flexibility and versatility, with deployment options ranging from standalone installation, multi-camera solutions, to seamless integration into a conventional network video surveillance system. As an Internet of Things device, the solution acts as both a camera and out-of-the-box video management software platform, providing a uniquely easy-to-install and cost-effective surveillance solution.

This is just one camera solution within the advanced Avigilon range that we can provide. If you want to learn more about the power of Avigilon cameras we can provide a one week free trial. For this we’ll supply and install up to two high resolution IP cameras or an encoder and an Appliance with all of the software needed to show you how the system works. Our experienced engineers will guide you through the software and show you how to use this easy and reliable system. At the end of the trial if you don’t want to keep the camera system we’ll remove it leaving your system back as it was.