Introducing the Avigilon Mini Dome

'smallest and most discreet camera...'

Built on the Avigilon H4 platform, the H4 Mini Dome is the smallest and most discreet camera within the Avigilon H4 platform with a minimal footprint.

The H4 Mini Dome camera line combines exceptional image quality with a small form factor snap on innovative and modular design that makes this camera quick and easy to install. Using HDSM SmartCodec™ and Idle Scene Mode technologies, H4 Mini Dome cameras optimize video streams in real-time, minimising bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining clear, detailed images.

H4 Mini Dome Modular Installation Ext2 Easiest, Quickest, Small Form Factor Camera to Install The H4 Mini Dome is the smallest and most discreet camera within the Avigilon H4 platform ideal for space constrained applications requiring a minimal footprint surveillance camera. The innovative and modular design of this camera line allows it to snap into surface or in-ceiling mount adaptors to easily fit challenging installations.

H4 Mini Dome’s state-of-the art modular design allows it to snap into your choice of base, easily switching between surface and in-ceiling mounts. This design reduces installation time and provides flexibility to installers. H4 Mini Dome HDSM SmartCodec Icon HDSM SmartCodec™ Technology HDSM SmartCodec technology enables the H4 Mini Dome camera to optimize compression levels for regions in a scene to maximize bandwidth savings, minimize storage consumption and maintain high-quality imaging.

H4 Mini Dome On Hand White BG Exceptional Image Quality Available in 1.3, 2, and 3 MP resolutions, this camera line provides exceptional image quality, LightCatcher™ technology, dual exposure true Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Content Adaptive Infrared (IR) on selected variant all at an entry level price point. Using HDSM SmartCodec™ technology, Idle Scene Mode technology and patented High Definition Stream Management™ technology, H4 Mini Dome cameras minimize bandwidth and storage requirements, while maintaining a high-quality image.

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