Video Surveillance – Record locally, view centrally, manage remotely.

Avigilon, our favoured manufacturer of centralised video surveillance solutions have recently released a whitepaper highlighting some interesting statistics concerning video surveillance within businesses.

A recent Forbes Insights study suggests that the majority of the sampled businesses (58%) said that they actively monitor less than half of their valuable assets with video surveillance, according to the Avigilon White Paper. Businesses with “remotely distributed assets” have the most trouble managing surveillance, and face a number of challenges.

How can we address these challenges?

Data loss due to the streaming of surveillance video over long distances can be mitigated by “keeping the recording as close to the cameras as economically viable”. This, coupled with advanced video analytics, may greatly reduce bandwidth requirements, by making sure that what you see is what you need to see.

Video analytics is a method in which Avigilon Cameras are able to discern what is actually happening in any given scene. For example, a camera would be able to tell the difference between a human and a vehicle, know which way a vehicle is travelling, and notify someone if this direction of travel is forbidden. Typically, Video Analytics is deployed to alert security personnel to an event that requires an action. By extension, this means that the CCTV system does not need constant, 24/7 monitoring, further reducing bandwidth and storage costs.

Avigilon also produce a range of cameras with ultra-high resolutions. Coupled with wide angle lenses, this allows a single camera to replace many. Would an ultra-highres camera however detract from all of your bandwidth saving measures? Normally, it would, however, Avigilon deploys a technology known as High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) ™ that makes it possible to deploy these great cameras in locations with bandwidth troubles.

There are many challenges in keeping remote sites secure. Avigilon hopes to address these issues and tackle them head-on; by using a manner of innovative technologies, ultrahigh definition image sensors, video analytics, and video recorders. Together, the Avigilon system makes it cost-effective to protect all of your assets no matter how remote they are.

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