How CCTV can assist a Health & Safety Practitioner..

Ecli-ips explains how CCTV can help health & safety in your business

Health and Safety CCTVHealth and Safety CCTV

After becoming members of the Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association (BHSEA) last year, Ecl-ips were invited to do a ‘Members Slot’ and share their knowledge of how CCTV can assist with Health & Safety. We had 10 minutes to present to the Health & Safety professionals in the room. So here’s what we covered!

CCTV cameras are not only used as a security solution they can be used in many situations to help your business.  We know one person cannot be everywhere within the business so a little help is needed, this is where CCTV cameras come in.

False claims – find evidential quality images, quickly and easily, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to check how that person really did hurt themselves in the way they are claiming or that accident really did happen in the way people are reporting.

Transport– quickly spot overcrowding, hazards and incidents, with the analytics you can easily tell the difference between people and vehicles this can give you the power to monitor sensitive areas automatically, you can be alerted if anyone enters a vehicle only area and vice versa.


View of a Forklift Area

Manufacturing – track abnormalities in certain zones or potential hazards, by using monitoring equipment you can ensure that costly accidents do not happen in and around your factory..

Lone Worker – Provide support to lone workers with panic alarms and body worn devices.

Lone Worker


Logistics – track vehicle movements, gates, barriers, loading and unloading, are you workforce using all best practices, with CCTV placed in the right areas you can monitor this very closely.


Contractor Monitoring – Are your contractors working safely?  Once they have signed in are your contractors working safely, you can monitor the working practices quite easily and in some cases prevent any accidents before they happen.Contractors working unsafely on ladders


BHSEA members thoroughly enjoyed the presentation so much so we ran over time with the amount of questions they had.  BHSEA also asked if we would like to go back and take the main presenting slot for an afternoon!

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