Water Safety Tips: Protecting children everywhere

Keeping your child safe around water

Teach children to:

  • Always walk when you are near a swimming pool, never run
  • Never push anyone into a swimming pool
  • Always have a responsible adult with you when paddling and swimming in the sea
  • Take care when paddling and swimming in the sea as the water can get deep very quickly
  • Never turn your back to the sea if you are swimming in the sea – this stops you from seeing big waves coming towards you

Not all water is for fun, beware of…

  • River
  • Canal
  • Pond
  • Garden Pond

Stay safe with..

  • Water Pistols
  • Water Bombs
  • Hosepipe
  • Water Balloons
  • Sprinklers


  • Stay with your baby or young child when they’re in the bath and pull the plug as soon as you’re finished
  • Bath seats can be a great help but they’re not safety aids – don’t leave your baby alone in one, even for a moment.

In the garden

  • Empty the paddling pool after use
  • If you have a pond, turn it into a sandpit, fence it in or cover it while your children are small. Be alert to drowning risks when you visit friends and family.

Out and about

  • Keep children off inflatables when an orange windsock is flying at the beach – a wind blowing off the land can make the sea look flat, calm and safe but it can quickly sweep inflatables out to sea
  • At the beach, teach children to swim between the two-coloured red and yellow flags – these mark the areas patrolled by lifeguard
  • Remind kids not to swim in canals and rivers – there are many hidden dangers, like strong currents, deep water and objects in the water they can’t see.
  • Tell children abut the dangers of cold water shock
  • Children under 8 years old need to be supervised in and around water. They might understand instructions but are likely to forget if they are having fun or are excited.

Check out the capt website for more information.